The Unforgettable Memories of Stickmen in Chongqing

13th August 2018


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The documentary movie of The Last Stickman, edited, directed and performed by He Ku.

On the streets of Chongqing, you may notice a group of shabbily dressed men are easily distinguished by their bamboo poles with which they carry anything they can, for whomever they can, for a couple of yuan a trip. They are called“Bang Bang”, the stickman, hoping to looking make extra money. On a very good day, stickman can make as much as 50 yuan; on a bad day, just seven yuan or less.

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Chongqing is a city of hills. Most neighborhoods are divided into lower and upper halves of a ridge; the city proper has an average difference in altitude of 50 meters. Temperatures can easily reach 40 degrees Celsius in the summer. These features helped make Chongqing the birthplace of stickmen and the city in which they are most likely to be found.

Decades ago, hundreds of stickman could be seen walking the streets, sitting on benches or chatting in pairs. They are such an integral part of society that they are featured in a popular drinking game and were once the theme of a local comedy show.

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Gradually it becomes a culture of stickman that witnessed the development of Chongqing from a backward city to metropolis

The film, which can be watched in 17th August this year, as some said, had no gorgeous special effects, but it recorded the ups and downs of stickman to show a simple and tough life, which was enough to move people and arousd so many memories of people who are living in Chongqing.

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