Ticket Only for 99 Yuan in Playa Maya & Happy Valley, Hurry Up!

30th August 2018


To celebrate its first anniversary, Chongqing Happy Valley and Playa Maya Water Park jointly provide a special offer – “a ticket of 99 yuan for Happy Valley and Playa Maya”. The last wave of offering is coming now until September 2, just pay 99 yuan to buy a ticket, and you can enjoy yourself in both Happy Valley and Playa Maya Water Park. So hurry up, let’s go get some excitement!


One ticket for two parks, if you don’t get the chance you have to wait for the next year! From now to September 2, the ticket of 180 yuan for Playa Maya Water Park is only 99 yuan, and also you can play for free (only for September 1st to September 30th 2018) in the Happy Valley which was 200 yuan before. Exciting programs, amazing amusements, classic performances, and passionate theme activities are waiting for you!

Playa Maya Water Park


18 water projects and 50 underwater equipments bring you a different cool experience. There are thrilling "Shuanglong roller coaster", water adventurous project "ride the wind and waves", exciting surfing and comfortable Maya River to calm you down. There are also a large magical water village "Maya Water Village" and innovative water slide for family. Grab the tail of the summer vacation, and take three or five friends to experience the wave of "Maya Beach", and enjoy the water festival.

In addition, a series of wonderful performances will also be launched at night. The world-renowned DJ and MC take turns to create the most exciting electronica and bring exotic samba dance with beautiful fireworks show on the weekend night... all the wonderful things you want are available in the Playa Maya Water Park.

Chongqing Happy Valley


After the last wave of carnivals in the water park, you may go to the Happy Valley to get a thrilling experience. There are “roller coaster with flying wing”, the world's sixth largest Ferris wheel, the longest and largest wooden roller coaster in the southwest, the 7D dome theater flying to Chongqing, the new VR high-tech project for listening to dinosaur and so on. Hundreds of entertainment projects provide an unexpected excitement.

Apart from the experience of more than 100 kinds of amusement facilities, the traditional performing arts of Happy Valley will also be staged in the park. The world-wide multi-cultural float parade and close-up magic will bring the most exciting feast to your eyes.

More Fun


There are many things to do day and night, and there are also more offers. It is reported that from now until September 2, the Water Park is only 59.9 yuan / person for special night ticket, and you can just buy ticket the same day before 14:00 pm, with each person limited to onetikect. The anniversary special offer of Happy Valley is only 99 yuan / person 200 yuan / person before), and special night ticket is 59 yuan / person ( 100 yuan / person before). The tikect is needed to be booked one day in advance, and the night ticket can be purchased before 14:00 pm.

Address: No. 29, Jinlu Avenue, Lijia International Business Tourism City, Liangjiang New District
Transportation: Take Metro Line 6 (Guobo Line) to Happy Valley

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