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Liangjiang Movie City Temple Fair Lasts

03th March 2018


Chongqing has become one of the most popular tourist cities this Spring Festival. According to the city’s tourism development committee, during the holiday, the whole city received nearly 43 million tourists from home and abroad with the growth increasing by 12.7% over last year. Among the scenic spots of Chongqing, the Liangjiang International Movie City has become a popular choice of many people. The number of the people going to the Movie City in the seven-day Spring Festival reached 675 thousand.

The temple fair of "old Chongqing" is full of festival atmosphere.

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In the Spring Festival, Chinese people like reunion and jollification. Going to the temple fair is one of the traditional programs. In this Spring Festival, the Liangjiang International Movie City hosts a temple fair which begins on the first day of the lunar year. On the first day, there are more than 100 thousand people going to the Movie City to take the cruise, watch the performance, listen to the opera, guess lantern riddles, taste delicious food, and experience the traditional festival. They all have a lot of fun.

At the performance of marriage customs of east Sichuan, many visitors experience the sweetness and happiness of their marriage again by putting on traditional wedding clothes and sitting on the red bridal sedan chair.

The festive atmosphere will continue even after the Lantern Festival ends.

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During the time of the temple fair, the movie city prepares five traditional activities full of festival atmosphere, fourteen blocks performances, nine parades, three kinds of free interesting garden activities, and three stadium performances, which are full of fun.

The Liangjiang International Movie City is an area that has rebuilt six blocks of old Chongqing from the 1930s and have the style of the republican period. The shows with songs and dances of that period can make you enjoy the charm of cheongsam and the dance of the republican period. The stars of Chongqing can bring you many uproarious performances. Those magic shows can help you to witness the astonishing moments. The block performances, which include the street trick, spitting fire, Qingyin performance, sitcoms, stage hall meeting, yangko, and walking on stilts, are bustling and even allow the tourists to take part.

The Spring Festival’s Temple Fair in Liangjiang International Movie City will last until the Lantern Festival. The Temple Fair in the Movie City will provide you with fun every day!

From: Hello Chongqing

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