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Sanxikou Tofu fish

12th April 2018


In addition to visiting Jinyun Mountain, and the North Hot Springs in Beibei, the area also features a can’t-miss local dish: Sanxikou tofu fish.


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The fish is not ordered by number of dishes, rather by the weight of the live fish. Most of the fish are silver carp, which are 36 RMB/ kg, with a recommendation of 2-3 kg of fish to serve 3-5 people. They also offer ecological silver carp, with about 1.5 kg enough for 2 people. This fish tastes better, and has a price of 56 RMB/kg, a price hasn’t changed for many years.


The fish is very plump and fresh, but not particularly spicy. Instead of a spicy flavor, it has a bit of sweetness a fresh taste, and a numbing sensation. The tofu, combined with the fishy flavor of the boiled water, perfectly complements the dish.


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TIPS: eagle tea, which has a bitter taste, is provided free. You can order other drinks if you don’t like the taste.


Self-service rice is also provided free-of-chard, and it can be used to filter the oil.


The location and atmosphere of the restaurant are still the same: on the side of a busy road, with many trucks coming and going.


It can get a little dusty, for those who are sensitive to that, or critical of the atmosphere, but it seems this cannot shake its position as one of the 10 most famous local restaurants in Chongqing.


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