Try rafting! Summer fun! More summer resorts in CQ!

24th June 2018


The temperature has been rising in Chongqing recently, and the occasional thunderstorm is hardly a lasting respite from such heat waves. For relief, here are several recommended places where you can spend your summer comfortably. 


Option 1: Summer in ancient towns

Pianyan Ancient Town in Beibei District


Pianyan Ancient Town is well-recognized as a perfect place to spend your summer. Here you can put your feet in the water by the creeks and play Mahjong in the river in a relaxed, and cool way. The cool stream and shaded trees contribute to the poetry of Pianyan Ancient Town.

Public transit: Take the bus to Beibei at Jiefangbei, Yangjiaping or Shapingba, then change to a bus that goes to Pianyan Ancient Town. 

Wanling Ancient Town in Rongchang County


There are quaint streets from the Ming and Qing Dynasties in Wanling Ancient Town. The beautiful Laixi River runs through, just passes its adjacent old city wall and gate, all of which have the air of antiquity. Playing in the shallow river water is not only fun, but a perfect way to dispel the heat of summer.

Public transit: Take the bus to Rongchang at Caiyuanba, Chenjiaping or Longtousi Long Distance Bus Station, then change to a bus that goes to Wanling Ancient Town.

Option 2: Summer by a lake

As soon as the first heat of summer arrives, the people of Chongqing love spending their time by a lake. The scenery around lakes is gorgeous and fun and, in addition to that, you can camp, fish, and barbecue. 

Banliao Lake in Wansheng


Can’t make it to the sea?Well, you can simply go to Banliao Lake. Sunshine, beach, cactuses, and various sorts of shells can all be found here, you can also row boats and have a water scooter ride.

Driving route: Main urban areas – Inner Ring Expressway – Lanzhou-Haikou Expressway (G75) – Qijiang-Wansheng Expressway – S204 – Banliao Lake.

Changshou Lake in Changshou


Changshou Lake has over 200 islands with green vegetation scattered around. On the islands, you will find base camps where people can catch fish, barbecue, and watch fireflies. If tents are not romantic enough for you, just build a hammock under the trees instead.

Public transit: Take a long-distance bus to Changshou from Hongqihegou Long-Distance Bus Station, and change to a bust that goes to Changshou Lake.

Option 3: Summer by rafting

If you’re not thrilled at the idea of spending the summer by small rivers, heading to a deep valley or canyon is also unforgettable. You should definitely try rafting if you are in Chongqing, as it is a thrilling experience. 

Rulai Valley in Banan


The total length of the Rulai Valley Rafting trip is 4.8 km, with an altitude difference of about 200m and a two-hour journey full of excitement. It is sure to give you a memorable experience. You can also hand-pick loquats, grapes and vegetables in the nearby Rulai Valley Villa.

Public transit: Take Line 3 and get off at Yuhu Station. Then change to Bus 910 and exit near Rulai Valley. 

Wuling Valley in Fuling


Wuling Valley has a total length of 5.1 km, altitude difference of 108 m, and total rafting duration of two hours. There are two places where the falls are greater than 10 m, two more where they are greater than 5 m, with numerous other places that offer impressive falls.

Driving route: Main urban areas  – G50S – exit South of Fuling, head over to Baitao Mountain for 1000 m, past the 816 Nuclear Factory and find it nearby. 

Youcao River in Shizhu


Youcao River is acclaimed as the “No.1 Rafting in Deep Valley in eastern Chongqing.” The banks on each side are overgrown with dense bushes, the water is crystal clear, and the grass on the banks looks like emeralds. This place is part of Huangshui National Forest Park, where one can avoid the heat of summer safe and sound.

Driving route: Main urban areas  – G50 and exit at Heyuan. Head towards Huangshui National Forest Park. When you arrive at Huangshui Town, drive toward Lichuan, Hubei for 7 km. 

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