Try these cafes to avoid the rush crowd in this holiday

04th October 2018


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When it comes to holiday, there must be hugely crowed with people who take the opportunity to enjoy the view in everywhere, on this occasion, why not having coffee in the cafe and sip away, chat and forget, at least relieve some stresses of modern urban living momentarily.

Here's the latest batch of Literary Cafes to get your fix from.

Midu Cafe

Midu coffee is a popular cafe hashtags for taking pictures , however, unlike other cafe shops in Chongqing, the most unique is the scenery ,which provide the place you can sip the coffee while overlooking the greatness of cities at the top of center city.

Consumption per person: ¥40
Address: 52 floor, R1 building, No.1 Jiefangbei, summon light Jiaochangkou, Yuzhong district.


Greybox coffee emphasizes on being fresh, original, delicate, and free of impurities. As a response, DAS considered the space where the coffee is brewed and tasted shall also be bright, sober, technical, and minimal. Unlike popular styles for coffee shops featured with darkness, nostalgia, and Zakka aesthetics, GREYBOX COFFEE Chongqing is all lit up in order to place the guests in a charming brightness so they can clearly observe everything about specialty coffee. It is not only a space for rest and chat, but also an experimental laboratory for coffee aficionados.

Consumption per person: ¥56
Address: Chongqing IFS, L2-221, No.38 BeiDajie, Jiangbei District

Taste cafe

Located in jiefangbei area, it is a quiet retreat from the busy city life. The overall atmosphere of the café is very personal, and its setting, besides taste cafe is well known for its quality coffee, if you are the person who wants to seek the leisure time in the afternoon,then it must be the best place to visit.

Consumption per person: ¥44
Address: Outside the Nvren Square, Datong Road, Jiefangbei Yuzhong district

Home garden cafe

“Linka”,the word comes from Tibetan, which means back yard garden in Chinese.

Hidden in depth of street and it’s no secret that the enchanting Home garden cafe is one of the Peach Gardens in this bustling city. The overall atmosphere of the café is very personal, compared with specialty of coffee, the deserts fair well against home garden cafe competitors’ and are definitely not to be grumbled about.

If you love this grace and retro decor with colorful views, than the cafe shop is waiting for you.

Consumption per person: ¥42
Address: Keyuan 3rd Road, Jiulongpo District.

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