Valentine's Day is here | Find the perfect box of chocolates

14th February 2019


written by Alessia Martino

Chocolate is the common Valentine's Day gifts. So, here's the recommendation of how to find better chocolate in CQ? Alessia will give you some ideas.

How to find European chocolate in Chongqing?

When it is sunny or rainy, summer or winter, wheter with friends or alone, chocolate is always a good option for a snack or mood booster. No matter the reason, whichever the season, chocolate is often what you just need. However, how to find better chocolate? Or just have that sweet taste that reminds you of home?





High quality chocolate can be found all across Europe. Belgian, French, Swiss, Italian chocolate soon come to mind. Quality is important to have a satisfing esperience, but also shouldn't have to break the bank for it.




Shin kong place in Jiazhonglu offers an exstensive selection of European chocolate. Among others you can find Swiss Lindt chocolate in form of tablets or candies, German chocolate in tablets, French truffles and Portoguese chocolate chip cookies. Other options are offered in main supermarket chains such as Walmart, Ole', Metro and Carrefour, all known as providers of imported goods that expats love. Among the choices of chocolate, the Italian brand Ferrero Rochè seems to be widely offered and appreciated, especially during the holiday season. Supermarkets still have the best and most affordable selection for all budgets in terms of already packaged and branded chocolate.




However, if freshly handmade goods delivered to the door are what one is looking for, the newly opened online bakery 'Plus doulce' is raccomanded. Plus doulce has been founded by a young Chinese woman with background pastry education in France and further training in Norway. The online bakery chocolate goods are made from imported French ingredients and mostly French technique, accompanied by same day home delivery. An example of goods from Plus doulce are chocolate bonbon, with different types of ganache, in which 58% dark cacao berry chocolate is used.

Therefore, grab that subway, bus or phone to get some good European chocolate as chocolate is known to biologically provide happiness and it is always good when shared with others. Whatever is your pick, a homely and/or high quality chocolate taste can be found in Chongqing.



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