Walking in the Tea Mountain and Bamboo Forest

14th August 2018



The national forest park of Tea Mountain and Bamboo Forest, located in Yongchuan District, Chongqing, is 55km from the downtown and 50km from the Dazu Rock Carvings. With 97 percent of forestry coverage and an average temperature of 14 Celsius, it is listed as the national AAAA level scenic spot.

Rose Garden Observation Deck


From the Rose Garden Observation Deck, you can feast your eye with the breathtaking view of deep cloudy valley and foggy bamboo forest as well as boundless tea plants which are tender, green and juicy. There you can visit the Yongchuan Tea Technology Park and the Tea Flowers Expo Exhibition of more than 700 acres.

Zhu De House

The great Chinese Marshal Zhu De once stayed here in 1963, and he was very interested in drinking the tender spring tea in the Tea Mountain. To commemorate him, people named the house with Zhu De. Drinking tea in the brick and wooden house is like flying back to the old times, when everyone devoted their efforts for the country.


Tea-picking Park

The Park is about 1,000 acre, surrounded by 30,000 acre tea park and 50,00 0acre bamboo. The tea plants are most of green tea, with the Yongchuan Xiuya being the most famous. The park attracts many visitors to gather here for tea-picking, tea-making and tea-tasting.

walking-in-the-tea-mountain-and-bamboo-forest-4Ambush From All Sides

The well-known Chinese film Ambush From All Sides,directed by Zhang Yimou and acted by Andy Liu and Zhang Ziyi, was once filmed in the Shanziwan Bamboo Forest, where the bamboo is among 655-742m. Walking in the bamboo forest will definitely refresh your mind and inspire our soul. Also it is said that bamboo can relief sleeping problem and purify our lungs.


Baodao Peak

Baodao Peak is the highest mountain in the west of Chongqing, with an altitude of 1025m. From the Peak you can see three rivers winding along this area, which are Xiaoanxi River, Jiulong River and Linjiang River. The Chinese characters of Yongchuan are exactly originated from these three rivers. From the peak you can appreciate the grandeur of Jinyun Mountain, Gele Mountain, Zhongliang Mountain and so on in a beautiful day.

walking-in-the-tea-mountain-and-bamboo-forest-6Feicui Corridor

It will take 1 hour to walk along the 3-meter Feicui Corridor, which is a natural Oxygen bar.


Recommendation: ★★★★☆
Distance from the downtown: 104.8km
Transportation: Take bullet train in Chongqing North Railway Station to Yongchuan East Railway Station, and then take No. 503 Bus to
the scenic

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