Wandering in these gorgeous
In Chongqing

16th April 2018


Spring in Chongqing is gorgeous, and every street knows its beauty and delicacy. You may have gone past one but not taken your time to taste it. Here we prepare you a list of the most stunning streets; why not choose one and have a walk in such a fine weather?


Zhongshan 4th Road


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Zhongshan 4th Road is dubbed the most beautiful road in Chongqing. Every step from beginning to the end is reminiscent of the past of the city, as if from a book full of history, and one can never have enough of these. Full-featured buildings, winding roads built on the cliff are something you should have in your mind about the city.


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You can enjoy the beautiful scenery here and have an artistic and literary lifestyle. You can also admire historical places of interest. Delicious food can be found at venues such as Jiuyuan Buns, Liaoji Casserole, and Xiyangyang Restaurant.


Transit route: Within walking distance of Zengjiayan Station from Line 2.


Nanbin Road


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Nanbin Road lies to the south of Changjiang, north of Nanshan Mountain. The night scenery of Yuzhong can be fully appreciated here. Rich in history and culture, Nanbin Road is nicknamed as “ the Chongqing's Bund,” as the city was a center in ancient times and a capital in wartime.


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On Nanbin Road, flowers bloom like a piece of brocade with green leaves interspersed in the spring. A scenic road, cuisine, entertainment and leisure are readily available here. Notable eateries include Lucca Italian Restaurant, Autumn Leaf, Tohot, and One Flower One Leaf Restaurant…


Transit route: Within walking distance from the Gongmao Station of Line 3, or Haitang Yanyu Station of bus lines 353, 373, 338 or 375.


Three Layers of Roads


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The roads in Yuzhong have "three layers", with each offering a distinctive landscape. One may wander along the winding road feeling sorry for a dilapidated old house and in the next instant be overwhelmed by the joy of a sea of emerald Boston ivy. A Rapid transit line goes in and out of a tall building, which can be found in nowhere but Chongqing, due to its peculiar terrain.


The second layer is worth noting, as native featured cuisine, Tea Rice, can be found here. Although the decoration might need some improvement, most of the time the restaurants are full of people.


Transit route: Near Liziba Station of Line 2, or bus lines 215, 262, 501, 219


Sichuan Fine Arts Institute Graffiti Street


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A must-see place for youths who love art, the street has over a kilometer of houses painted with graffiti. Venues like Chongqing 798 give thrills, too. Light glistens around the old house, and you are sure to be drawn to such place where the rich atmosphere of art is in the air.


Transit route: Take off at Yangjiaping Station of Line 2, and then take Bus 223, 233, 256, 277 or 823 and take off at Huangjueping Station or Sichuan Fine Arts Institute Station.

乘車路線:輕軌2號線楊家坪下車,轉223、233、256、277、823 路公車在黃桷坪站或四川美院站下車

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