Watching Flowers in Nanshan Mountain, You Should Also Try Some Special Restaurants There

31th July 2018


Nanshan Mountain is an important landmark for Chongqing, and it is also a perfect place for sightseeing, attracting visitors from local and foreign cities.


When you are visiting Nanshan Mountain, you can enjoy the night view while eating food. Come along with us and see what should not be missed on Nanshan Mountain!


Pipayuan Shiweixian Hotpot Resturant

Located in the bushes at Hotpot Street, Nanshan Mountain, the restaurant owns a gorgeous environment, in which a garden-looking with lots of loquat trees and flowers are planted. That’s what the names come from!

The hotpot is really delicious and yummy, and you can fell the sense of old Chongqing while enjoying it. All the dishes with various kinds and are fresh and it’s also beneficial for relieving spiciness.

❤Address: Jinzu village, Huangjueya, Nan’an District

❤Telephone: 023-62483138 13752819710


Laoyao Quanshui Chicken

Located near Caribbean Water Park the restaurant is about some distance up above Yikeshu Viewing Platform and surrounded by extraordinary quality air and environment of Nan’shan. For local people, this restaurant can brings an indelible memory for them, and it is also known as the one of oldest one in Nan’shan, the Chickens offered in the restaurant are extremely fresh and you should have a great taste there.

❤ Average cost: 105 RMB

❤ Address: Quanshui Chicken Street, No. 247, Chongwen Road (next to Caribbean Water Park and some distance up above Yikeshu Viewing Platform)

❤ Telephone: 023-62465723 023-62462213!


Zhulou Quanshui Chicken

It’s next to Laoyao Quanshui Chicken, with a gorgeous environment, and the restaurant has 3 floors in unique style and there is a big patio on the storefront. The Caribbean Water Park is next to it, so you can have the chicken there when you finish swimming in summer.

Nanshan quanshui chicken is made three courses: the normal spicy chicken meat, chicken giblets fried and chicken blood soup with cabbage. Nothing brings more pleasure than enjoying quanshui chicken in energizing air outdoors.

❤ Average cost: 98 RMB

❤ Address: Quanshui Chicken Street, No. 247, Chongwen Road

❤ Telephone: 023-62462433


Xianlongjing Hotpot Resturant

Located in Laochang, HuangjueYa Nan’shan, it boasts with a charming environment! It gives you the pleasant feeling once you go there!


The best time to go there is spring and summer time, in which you can enjoy lotus, and it is a perfect place for taking pictures.

The restaurant in deed has a great combination between natural scenery and delicacies! The food there is very fresh and with a good tasty, which gains reputation among people.

❤Average cost: 80 RMB

❤Address: Longjingbang,Laochang Huangjueya, Nan’an district

❤Telephone: 023-62482449

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