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10th March 2018


“網紅”這個流行詞,早已超越個體而廣泛適 用,“網紅”餐廳日漸流行,大概是群體對一個共同價值目標的追求,靠著一傳十十傳百的口碑,這樣的餐廳往往一位難求,或許有人去了發現名不符其實,有的也的確實至名歸,當然這只能由美食愛好者自己去嘗試了。

“Web celebrity”-first goes for someone who attracts public sight due to specific characteristic, however now, beyond the individual it’s already widely used in various areas on behalf of restaurants. Instead of commercial advertisement, “Web celebrity”restaurants mainly relay on public phrase which spreads from one to another then finally a huge group especially young crowd will arouse interest and give it a try. First time you go to a “web celebrity”restaurant with full expectation, prepare to wait on the line even if it’s located in some isolated place far from business districts. Don’t be too shocked at how so many people will spend lots of on road just to eat or drink something. And the last warning is about the taste, which differs between everyone as you might be totally disappointed and doubt it’s just not snugly fit the reputation. But one thing for sure is that you’ll never know unless you try. Looking through below are several highly recommended “web celebrity”coffee shops, restaurants and boutiques in Chongqing.

Shore Flower • Coffee Dream

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Sitting down here, you can enjoy the mountains and river, vehicles and bridges, and especially the scenery of Jialing River and Jiangbei District. It is not only a coffee house, but also a best viewing landmark.

Address: No. 62, Jialing New Road, Liziba, Yuzhong District


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It looks classical and elegant. Its walls and tiles look antique. It is proper for reading and gathering because it is not full of noise.


Address: Floor 1, Building A, Zhongshan Cultural and Industrial Park, No. 15, Zhongshan 4th Road, Shangqingsi, Yuzhong District

TasteCafe Utopia

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It is decorated in LOFT style, providing the best coffee, and nutritious breakfast, cold drinks, German dark beer, American quick meals and other snacks. There are cats, books and music. You can have a cup of coffee, lay on a sofa, and read a book here.

地址:渝中區解放碑女人廣場Taste Cafe 烏托邦概念店(402終點站旁)

Address: Taste Café Utopia, Women’s Square, Jiefangbei, Yuzhong District (nearby the destination of Bus 402)

Lazy Fish Time

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There is a special shop in this 1970’s factory, and it collects the past and secrets of many people.


Address: Building 33, TESTBED2 Cultural and Creative Park, No. 1, Eling Center Street, Yuzhong District

Luzu Temple Bazaar

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There is a restaurant in the style of the Republic of China at the original address of Luzu Temple. It is not only a restaurant but also a comprehensive bazaar including the food of old Chongqing, fragrant hot pot, and the traditional marketplace situations.

地址: 渝中區解放碑魯祖廟原廟址

Address: Original address of Luzu Temple, Jiefangbei, Yuzhong District

Gengu’s Residence 1936

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It was built in 1936 as the former residence of Li Gengu who was the Air Defense Commander during the period when Chongqing was used as the wartime capital. It was renovated as a pub and private home cuisine restaurant, and still contains the old articles, a sofa, gramophone, and printer of that time, giving an impression of experiencing the history without time travel.


Address: Yellow building in Liziba Anti-Japanese Relic Park, No. 66-8, Liziba Center Street, Yuzhong District

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