Weekend getaway in wooden cabins

17th July 2018


Dragon Boat Festival is just around the corner, have you decided where you want to go? Instead of squeezing yourself into the huge crowds in this virally-popular city, why not go to a wooden cabin far from the city bustle? We recommend the following trips for you and your families or friends around this city.


Hongyu Vacation resort

One of the few beautiful places that are not well-known by locals, they have a reasonable price and offer an escape to the “development overkill” in the city.

Located in the Shuangzhai Scenic Site, with an average altitude of 970 meters, the weather and temperature are ideal for living.

Known as “the most beautiful villages in Chongqing,” it’s a good place to count the stars and watch the moon. From here, you can be free to try the local food and immerse yourself in the glory of a sky dotted with countless stars or the picturesque early morning sunrise.

Address: Fangxin Village, Shuangzai Shitan town, Banan District

Route: Northern inner ring of Yuxiang Expressway-towards Nanchuan-Off the toll station of Shilong and turn left to Shuangzai Road-YoujianChuiyan-Mount Shuangzaishitan-Hongyu Vacation resort Price: 138 RMB/person for 3 meals and 1 night

Half price for children Contact: 811159988 15923088696 134523183338 (Mr.Liu)

TaoYue Farm stay

Just an hour from the main city, it will change your mind about farm stays. Located near the Cuiyue Resort in Beibei District, it’s a world where you can enjoy the misty mountain peaks and lush foliage. The most outstanding feature of this place is the decoration, which has excellent western-style décor and every room is named with themes and topics.

The farm stay is enclosed by natural locations, making it an almost perfectly peaceful place for the visitors.

Address: Beiquan chengjiang town cuiyue lake, Mount Jinyun Beibei Ditrict

Route: Binjiang Road (jiaLing)-Lijiaping Interchange-Hongenshi Tunnel-YusongRoad-Lanhai Expressway-Lanyu Line-Jinyun avenue-Taiyun Farm stay

Price: About 500 RMB/person including breakfast

For other time its necessary for you to order food there and the price maybe alittle expensive

Contact: 023-63220888 023-63228038


Hongxi Mountain Village Resort

If you want to take advantage of a folkloric atmosphere, this is a good place to start — and a better palce to indulge yourself in the 1980s. If you are a fan of traditional Chinese culture, this is definitely the best place for you to visit and, if you’re lucky, you can pitch-in with various traditional activities and don’t forget to try the unique and healthy local food.

Address: Liangjiashan Community Renmin village BeiWenquan street Beibei District Route: Line 181-Line 6 train-585

Self-driving-BinjiangRoad (jialing)- Lijiaping Interchange-YusongRoad-Lanhai Expressway-Lanyu Line-Jinyun avenue- Hongxi mountain village resort Contact: 023-68256825 1370949739


Ancient corridor bridge resort

Located in the Mount Jinfo Scenic Spot, a little far from the main city, with exquisite Miao-minority decoration and an attached swimming pool. In the morning, the Mount Jinfo scenic spot the resort stay is a great place to show you the most popular scenic with stunning natural scenery, especially at nightfall which is the best time for walking with your families.

Insider tip: it’s billed as a 4-star standard, and only 200 RMB for online reservations booked in advance.

Addess: Western slope of Mount Jinfo Scenic spot, Nanchuan Chongqing

Price: 230 for online bookings

Route: Main city-inner ring express way-Baomao expressway-interroad of western Mount Jinfo-S4313- Ancient corridor bridge resort

Contact 023-7165666 18996809938



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