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Five National Wetland Parks in CQ

23th January 2018



Five wetland parks in Chongqing have just been approved to be national parks by the state forestry administration of the People's Republic of China. What exactly are these? Let's go have a visit!


Nan'an Yinglong Lake National Wetland Park


Lying beside Yinglong Lake and under the foot of Mingyue Mountain, there is a tranquil and magnificent park, which features a reservoir type wetland landscape. The park is divided into five functional zones, including wetland conservation and science popularization area, sightseeing zone, cultural experience zone, green ecological zone, wetland protection and conservation zone. When going for a sail in the large reservoir, swinging fishes under water will gives you a special poetic flavor.

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Address: Wutang Village, Yinglong Town, Nan'an District
Public transportation: Take the Nanping-Mudong bus from the Nanping Bus Station (near Nanping Hub Station),
get off at the Yinglong tollgate, and walk to the park.


Fengdu Long River Wetland Park


House in the Long river region near Fengdu Ghost Town, Long River National Wetland Park belongs to the complex wetland resources of scarce mountain river and sandbank island, featuring a unique historical and cultural collection. As a typical mountain and river complex, the unique collapsible and pot—hole ecological environment of Long River Wetland Park has become the habitat for a variety of rare waterfowl and birds in recent years.

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Address: East of Fengdu County
Self-driving route: Shanghai - Chongqing Expressway—Changshou- Fuling Expressway—Fuling—Fengdu CountyTongnan Fujiang National Wetland Park


Fujiang National Wetland Park


Fujiang National Wetland Park gives priority to both water and land entertainment projects.With lots of agritainments scatter around, it snugly fits for a family weekend tour. Well-equipped facilities can satisfy tourists with foods, drinks and entertainments. You can go for walk or run or choose to enjoy the slow life; or feed the birds at the riverside and enjoy the natural scenery.

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Address: Tongnan Fujiang National Wetland Park
Self-driving route: Chongqing- Suining Expressway—Tongnan Interchange—Tongnan Urban Area—Fujiang
BridgeTongnan Fujiang National Wetland Park


Chengkou Bashan Lake National Wetland Park


In addition to being famous for food, there is another card for Chengkou: the Bashan Lake National Wetland Park. Located far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, Bashan Lake National Wetland Park is a quiet haven of peace and happiness. The park integrates protection and conservation, culture demonstration, science education and sustainability in one location.

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Address: Datianjiao, Bashan Town, Chengkou County

Train lines:
1. Take bus at Longtousi Bus station to Chengkou County, then transfer to Bashan town
2. Self-driving route: Start from the main city, via the Dazhou - Chongqing Expressway—Shaanxi - Dazhou
Expressway—Wanyuan Station—via Chaxikou to Bashan town


Liangping Shuanggui Lake National Wetland Park


Liangping Shuanggui Lake, located in the southwest Liangping New City, has a water area of nearly 2,000 mu. Its nickname is “Zhangxingqiao Reservoir.” Built in December 1951, it's the first reservoir of Liangping. Today, Shuanggui Lake has been upgraded to "National Wetland Park". Shuanggui Lake is surrounded by dense forests, beautiful natural scenery, a quiet and elegant environment as well as rich pastoral flavor.

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Address: Zhangqiao community, Shuanggui Street
Self-driving route: Urban Chongqing—G75 Lanzhou - Haikou Expressway—G50 Shanghai - Chongqing Expressway—Bigui
Road—Yuegui Road—303 Provincial highway (Translated by Shi Yali, Fathom Language Limited)

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