What Will the Chongqing Landmarks be Like During the Upcoming Flood?

17th July 2018



Heavy downpours and thunderstorms as well as incoming water from upriver will cause a flood warning in Yangtze River, Jialing River and Fu River, with the floods approaching the center city gradually and the water rising slowly but steadily. With all the water coming to Chongqing, what will the landmarks be like during the flood?

Chaotianmen, at the confluence of the Jialing River and the Yangtze River, are the biggest wharfs in the city. At this time, they have been nearly half inundated by the flood.


As usual, there are so many bustling wholesale markets along the river accessible by transport. Now however, the floods have come, covering up large parts of the market and showing how powerful the forces of nature really are.


The latest news from Chongqing Hydrological Bureau reports that Ciqikou has surpassed the level of water that is safes, accumulating up to 11.27 Meters in total. Many parts of the buildings along the river have been submerged, and only the crowns of the trees can be seen.

Looking into the distance, it’s as if the water has swallowed up the earth.


Chaotianmen, the Grand Theater, and many other landmark constructions have been radically changed by the flooding.


The Qiansimen Bridge. which stands in the worst part of the flood, portrays a scene of solemn silence.


The Caiyuanba fruit wholesale market has also been hit hard by the flood, with only the coloured coated rooftop rising above the waters.

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