When Spring Breeze Blows 200,000 Colorful Windmills...
Chongqing Garden Expo Park

24th March 2018


Imagine a dreamy scene where thousands of windmills gather in one place. Now, the dream comes true! The “Shared Ecological Windmill Festival” at Chongqing Garden Expo Park has begun. The scene of 200,000 windmills turns the park into a fairytale world, becoming a delightful for spring outing for visitors.



Enjoy customs of Netherlands by seeing windmills and tulips! For lots of people, the first thing coming to mind is the Netherlands when mentioning windmills and romantic tulips together, bringing you into a fairytale world. Luckily, you may have this exotic feeling now in Chongqing.


The 200,000 colorful handmade windmills create fascinating sceneries of different shapes at the “Shared Ecological Windmill Festival” in Chongqing Garden. On the major square near the gate, as the spring breeze blows, the colorful curtain displays such elegance and beauty with all the windmills turning, listening to wind, it induces fantastic reveries.



At the central part of the square, three giant windmills of red, yellow and blue are so eye-catching that many tourists take photos here.



In the wetland flower valley scenic area not far away, “Charming Spring” has opened to the public where 100,000 tulips and corn poppies look like a sea of flowers covering the valley with 10,000 square meters of color. It presents such a splendid when looking out from a distance.


From:Hello Chongqing

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