Where Are The Former 10 Beauties

24th November 2017


Back in June 2015, the “First Selection On Most Gorgeous Footpaths In Chongqing” took place, Eight experts including Zhang Zhenshan, the UN-Habitat representative (the full name of the United Nations Human Settlements Programme), Yang Bin, the chief planner of Chongqing Architectural Design Institute and He Zhiya, the executive vice chairman of Chongqing City Planning Society , picking up 10 most gorgeous footpaths out of 30 footpaths voted by the Internet.

First 10 Most Gorgeous Footpaths In Chongqing
Mountain City Footpath

A total of 3.9 kilometers, The Third Mountain City Footpath starts at Shanhu Park, passing all the way through Nanqu Rd, Pipashan Center Street to Guanyinyan, ending up with Daxigou Railway Station.

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Walking by Houlu, French Benevolence Hall, Daqiangba Water Tower, Tongyuan Gate and Kangjian Hall, the image of old Chongqing is made up in your mind piece by piece.

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Tieshan Cloud Ladder

8 kilometers in length and 10 meters in initial section, Tieshan Cloud Ladder is paved all by cyan limestone.

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Chongqing Jiangjin Ding Mountain Huangjue Ancient Footpath

Situated in south Jinjiang City, the ancient footpath goes all the way up till peak along mountain ridge.

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Chongqing Kai County Hanfeng Lake Tourist Attraction Pedestrian Footpath

The 30 kilometers long footpath encircles the whole lake.

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Chongqing Xiushan County Qinxi Longfeng Huahaiyou Footpath

Start off by Ganlong Bridge and end up with Xincun Broadway.

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Chongqing Baishiyi Mountain Climbing Footpath

Baishiyi Mountain Climbing Footpath is the highest level of its kind in the main city, as well as the longest one, a total of 16.38 kilometers in length.

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Chongqing Dadukou Meide Park Footpath

Dadukou Meide Park Footpath is located in the center part. The fitness footpath is 2 kilometers in length and 4 meters wide.

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Jinyun Mountain Climbing Fitness Footpath

Jinyun Mountain Climbing Footpath owns 3 entrances up to hill, namely the north of the district administrative center, the science and technology park of Chengnan University, the Jinquan Road in the north of the city, all are main entrances to the gate of the scenic area.

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Wu Mountain Wenfeng Taoist Temple Footpath

7000 in length, it wriggles upwards along the shape of mountain.

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Wansheng Heishan Valley Shiyuanlu Healthy Footpath

Starting at the south gate of the Heishan Valley, the footpath is then divided into two trails, one up the mountain trail is called Guanyun Footpath, the other parallel footpath is called Tingtou Footpath.

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