Where to Pick Sweet Loquat
In Downtown City

10th May 2018


Together with cherry and plum, loquat are called “three good friends”, as a result of their beneficial function to our body. As the early summer is approaching, bright orange loquat are already ripe, full of branches. Just a usual weekend can be enough for a joyful and delicious loquat picking tour in Chongqing.


Loquat has a number of health benefits, including the ability to prevent diabetes, lower cholesterol levels, reduce cancer risk, protect bone mineral density, improve gastrointestinal health, aid vision, strengthen the immune system, soothe the respiratory tract, boost circulation, and decrease blood pressure.


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Nan’an · Huilong Village Jiangnan Loquat Garden


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Once mention about picking loquat, one of the best places strikes people’s mind is Loquat Garden in Huilong Village, where the annual Jiangnan(south region of Yangtze River) Loquat Festival will be held every year.


Reference price: 30-40RMB/Jin


Address: Huilong Loquat Base, Huilong Village, Guangyang Town, Nan’an District


Route: Take Bus 178 from Nanping Xingyu Huayuan to Chayuan Transportation Junction, transfer to Bus 179 to Kejia Yakou, and then walk to Huilong Village as directed by the guideboards.


Ba'nan · Xinhua Village


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There are over 100 mu of loquat trees at Xinhua Village, Yunzhuan Mountain, Ba'nan District, surrounded by mountains and water, picturing a poetic landscape. Not only enjoy picking loquat, tourists can also taste local farm dishes. And climb Yunzhuan Mountain is a good travel choice, too.


Reference price: 15-30RMB/Jin


Address: Xinhua Village, Yunzhuan Mountain, Ba'nan District


Route: Take Bus 858, 898, 303, 308 and others or Line 3 to Yudong, and transfer to the bus to Yunzhuan Mountain.


Jiulongpo · Tongguanyi


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It has nearly 100 mu of loquat trees, including five varieties. Among which, the 5-star loquats are big, delicious and fresh. There are local chickens and ducks in some gardens, so you can have farm dishes, check in farmhouse and go finishing, highly recommended for a weekend tour.


Reference price: 30-40RMB/Jin


Address: Tongguanyi Town, Jiulongpo District


Route: Take bus from Yangjiaping Zoo Long-distance Bus Station to Maohe, and take a minibus to Tongguanyi Town.


Beibei · Jinguo Garden


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It covers 20,000 square meters, and has 5-star loquat which is extremely sweet with a loud name,“King of Loquat”. The garden is filled with twittering birds and fragrant flowers as well as lovely lakes and ponds. It has 17 gardens including Orange Garden, Pear Garden, Loquat Garden and Grape Garden.



Reference price: 30-40RMB/Jin

Address: Jinguo Garden Ecotourism Attraction, Chengjiang Town, Beibei District


Self-driving: Downtown - Beibei - Chengjiang - Jinguo Garden


Yubei · Shichuan Village


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Located in the Mingyue Mountain in the east of Shichuan, Shi Chuan Village has a “band of summer fruit”. It is in a subtropical humid climate and mainly grows a variety of summer fruits, such as five-star loquat, twisted mouth cherries, and grapefruit.


Address: Shichuan Village, Yubei District


Self-driving: Downtown City - Chongqing Ring Expressway - Longxing Toll Station Down (turn right) - Liangjiang Avenue - Shichuan.


Tips for how to select loquat: The brightly colored, blemish-free ones are juicy as compared to the greenish ones which are sour and acidic.


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