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20th April 2018


As a mountain city with a plenty of steep slopes, Chongqing is normally considered as one of the most undesirable places for cyclists; most of its residents don’t even feel the need to learn to ride a bike. Still, there are places which are not made up of rugged terrain and suitable for enjoying cycling! Find a pleasant day and ride your bike, enjoying the beautiful scenery between hills and creeks while making progress to lose some weight at the same time.


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Nanbin Road


Nanbin Road is one of the earliest cycling routes, and it’s best for amateur cyclists as the trail is flat and the air is fresh. Most people find it comfortable to ride here. When night falls, scenery becomes even more appealing than that of the daytime. One point, though, is the busy traffic; pay attention not to ride too fast and watch for pedestrians.


Route: Meitiya City ---Danzishi


Length: about 15km


Round-trip time: about 1 hour


Beibin Road


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The scenery around here is some of the best, as is well-known. If you get tired, you always have the option to recharge at on of the various food stands just cross the street. One thing we’d like to inform you is that the road is broken near a traffic light near Maan Coffee, you will have to carry your bike though this area.


Route: Huanghuanyuan Bridge --- Chunsen Bi'an


Length: about 3km


Round-trip time: about 20 min


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Daxuecheng (University Town)


Daxuecheng is one of the few places where specifically designed trails are built for bicycles in Chongqing. It surely attracts cyclists with modern and flat roads. Besides, you can feed yourself with cheap and delicious food in dining hall in case that biking consume to much energy.


Route: Daxuecheng vicinity


Length: about 10km


Round-trip time: depends on physical strength


Zhaomushan Forest Park


Zhanmushan Forest Park has trails built specifically for bikes, and the scenery here is beyond gorgeous with all kinds of vegetation at the side of the hillside road. Cycling to the summit from the bottom of the mountain, however, may prove to be an ordeal for most people. From the top of the mountain the whole panorama of Jiangbei is displayed, carefree and joyful. The round trip time is about half a day, pretty adequate for an average cyclist.


Route: inside Zhaomushan Forest Park


Length: from bottom to the top of the mountain


Round trip time: half a day


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Tieshanping is well known by cyclists as public competitions are held every year here. There are also three jogging trails aside from tracks for cycling. The scenery is also beautiful; together with Nanshan Mountain and Gele Mountain they are called “The lung of Chongqing.” You can feel delight cycling here in the mountain with the trees nearby.


Route: Wulidian --- Haier Road --- Yueliangwan ---Tieshanping


Length: about 25km


Round-trip time: about 3 hours


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