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Pianyan Ancient Town

10th January 2018



Housed in the core area of Jindaoxia Village, Beibei District, Pianyan Ancient Town is located between two extension hills of southwest side of Huaying Mountain. Back to the Kangxi Period, benefited from convenient traffic- the vital hub of Lingshui, Hechuan and Jiangbei, it developed into a business gathering place with only few stores earlier. No matter how time changes people and their life, this once an industry and commercial ancient town from old Chongqing to Huaying old road has stayed the way it is hundred years ago. The cyan limestone street, aged dwellings covered by tiles, original folk custom... this town keeps most rare features in modern society: natural, primitive and elegant.

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Pianyan Ancient Town is time-honored with 350 years history, since the very beginning of which Heishuitan River has been nourishing this town behind the street. To reinforce riverbank and afforest environment, villagers plant Ficus Virens all around the town back to the start, especially in Heishuitan River.

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The repaired Mandarin Duck Bridge is said to be built in Jiaqing Period, Qing Dynasty. Two Ficus Virens stand opposite in both banks, as time goes they grow taller and bigger, day after day they become much more close to each other. Finally, ignoring the distance amid, their limbs intersect with together, then two make one, that’s why people call them a couple tree.

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Wanna go have fun in the river? Just step down few stilted buildings here, turning over a scared crab, grabbing a translucent shrimp.

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The oldest Ficus Virens in Pianyan Ancient Town should be about 300 years old. Two of them all are named as first-class protective tree by Chongqing Municipal People's Government. Another more than twenty trees located around the ancient town are named the second-class protective trees, constituting a group of century old tree in the ancient street.

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Brook beside is shadow enough for entertainment.

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One river runs through the whole town, distinguishing Pianyan Ancient Town from others.

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Primitive folk houses stand still, surrounded by strong smack of daily life.

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Time flies slowly and quietly here, however everyone is enjoying it.


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