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6th January 2018



梅花 (宋)王安石 牆角數枝梅,淩寒獨自開。 遙知不是雪,為有暗香來

Plum Blossoms Wang Anshi (Song Dynasty) A few plum blossoms twigs at the corner of the wall Blossoming all alone, defying the cold! Even from afar they cannot be mistaken for snow, For a delicate fragrance comes wafting with the breeze.


Wikipedia: “Chimonanthus praecox ("wintersweet") is the only species widely grown as an ornamental plant, for its spicily scented winter flowers; these are also used in floristry as cut flowering branches, which can also be forced as with forsythia. The petals are quite waxy. The plant prefers medium exposure to sunlight or high dappled shade, a fresh climate (hardy to USDA Zone 7), and soft, acidic permeable ground not waterlogged in winter. A protected, south-facing wall encourages early flowering, and a position should be chosen where its spicy perfume can be appreciated while coming and going from the house. Space needs to be allowed for its eventual spread to 3 m (10 ft), since untimely summer pruning to keep an ill-sited shrub in check will sacrifice flowering the following winter.”



Jinguan Flower & Tree Tourism Area



Beibei Jinguan has been planting wintersweet for more than 500 years , include up to 50 varieties, famous as "China's Hometown of Flowers and Trees,", "China’s Hometown of wintersweet ." So far, basements nearly ten thousand mu have been built, among which the most famous are wintersweet with plain flower heart and red flower heart.

Shaping Park



Shaping Park’s wintersweet is dispersedly planted. When translucent sparkling flowers bloom alone in the branches, you could come close and smell, then a puff of aroma fluttering to face, elegant and fresh.

E’ling Park



E’ling Park possesses 100,000 wintersweets, when they’re in full blooming, E’ling Park turns into a overflowing floral ocean. Plum Blossom Island in particular, is stunning. Hundreds of thousands of plum blossoms placed in the lotus pond, all reflected in the water, fishes play below while wintersweets haunt your mind.

Nanshan Botanical Garden



The Plum Garden in Nanshan Botanical Garden covers an area of 70 mu, divided into Red Plum Blossom Area and Wintersweet Area. Wintersweet Area plants more than 10 species,such as Chimonanthus Praecox, Lato and Mila. Red Plum Blossom Area plants more than 70 kinds of plum blossom varieties.


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