With so many cool bookstores in Chongqing, which one is your favorite?

03th July 2018


It is said that only books and food can not be lived without. Books are irreplaceable and invaluable. Bookestores create gateways to different times and places that no other method can reproduce.

Nowadays, if you are living in this city. The bookstores are so beautiful they’re worth getting out of the house to visit, whether you're looking for a new hardcover or not. So we’ve selected a list of the some poshest bookstores in Chongqing.

Fangsuo Commune Bookstore


The distinctive feature here is its collection of books from Taiwan and Hong Kong. In addition to these, three is also a large amount of authentic English books available here.


It's not only the various books and natural decoration that attract visitors, but also the plants, coffee, delicate clothes, and creative housewares. It’s also one of the most photographed attractions.

Add.:  No. 3 Jianxinbeilu, Jiangbei District, Chongqing

SISYPHE Bookstore


With its symbolic blackish-green design, the layout of the bookstore drew inspiration from the classic style of European libraries and combined it with the modern design concept of space in order to provide the best culture experience to every reader, it also regularly hosts domestic writers, painters, and other artists for book signings, lectures, and seminars for the public.

Add: F3, IMIX PARK, No.26 Mingquan Road, Yuzhong District

Clessence Bookstore


This bookstore, which is located at the end of the Dongyuan 1891 Plaza on Nanbin Road, attracts many readers. It’s decoratwd with chic lights, the characteristic Chongqing indoor design of stilted building, Mobius strip, Klein bottles, hypercube, and features French windows that work in cooperation with each other. For many readers, this is the place for literature enthusiasts to gather.

Add: 2F-1 D section, Dongyuan 1891 Plaza, Nanbin Road

Book Center of Chongqing


Its more than a bookstore, it's full of surprises around every corner, plus it’s known as the first 24 hour bookstore in Chongqing for readers who prefer going out to the city at night.

Add: B2 -paradise walk, No. 174 Changjiang Road, Daping District 

Himalaya art bookstore


Known as the “spiritus fortress” in Huangjueping, this is more than a place to buy rare art books, you can also see autographed works by great artists. If you are lucky, you might even bump into some famous artists here.

Add: Near Huangjueping Graffiti Street, Jiulongpo District

Chongqing Geography Bookstore


Located in the secluded and quiet Zhongshan 4th Road, this store specializes in geography books. Because of this reputation, many geography enthusiasts are drawn to this place. It’s a place you can find the world,  so why not go check it out?

Add: No. 2-3-70, Zhongshan 4th Road, Yuzhong District

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