Wushan Outdoor Yoga Base Brings Harmony Between Human and Nature

17th July 2018


In recent days, some of yoga talents from Chongqing Yoga Association have gathered in the Three Gorges Courtyard in Wushan to join the Three Gorges Courtyard Yoga Exchange. And awarding the Three Gorges courtyard as the "Chongqing Outdoor Yoga Base”.


It’s noted that the Three Gorges Courtyard is located in the Liuping village, Wushan County. At the altitude of 900Meters mountainside, which the Goddess Peak is separated with the river and face to Xiajiang River.

In there, you can see the peaches and plum in spring, green mountains in summer, red leaves in autumn and snow in winter. Even you can experience the beauty of Three Gorges people among the buildings.

During the ceremony, with the sound of zither and the beauty of clouds in Wu Gorge, yoga talents in there are connecting the features of yoga and simplicity, tranquility of courtyard in order to make a amazing fusion between yoga and nature life.





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