2018 Chongqing“One Festival & One Fair”
Fascinating Activities

03th April 2018


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From March 30 - April 1, the 22nd Chongqing Urban Tourism Festival and InterCity Tourism Fair (One Festival & One Fair) will be held at Jiefangbei Pedestrian Street and Jinyuan Shopping Plaza in Beibin Road. During this period, people can not only see the cosplay show and visit the auto show, but also get free tickets to scenic areas, discount lines and other special privileges.


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Thousands of booths feature high-quality tourism products in various regions


This year's "One Festival & One Fair" takes the theme of "Enjoy yourself in colorful world ·Gather in mountain and river city" and is directed by the Chongqing Tourism Development Committee, sponsored by the Chongqing Tourism Association.


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This year's "One Conference & One Festival" will be held at the Beibin Road Jinyuan Square and the Jiefangbei Pedestrian Street, providing nearly 1,000 standard booths, including "Intoxicated in Beautiful China", "Chongqing, Mountain and River City", "Tourism Products" and other interesting areas.


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During this period, tourists can visit the exhibitions and experience the ethnic customs of Akesu in Xinjiang, the deep-sea voyages brought by VR, and the exploration of the moon. They can also learn about beauty of the landscapes and flowers of the Gujian Mountain in Qijian and taste the yak meat of Qiaoqi, Jiajin Mountain, Medical Honey and the other special tourism products.


During this period, “Western China Animation Culture Festival - Spring Carnival” will be held at the Jinyuan Plaza, Beibin Road. Cartoon fans can enjoy the “Quadratic Element Cosplay Show” and “Live Show”, which add anime elements to the "Festival & Fair”.


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In addition, people can also enjoy the display of non-material cultural crafts and traditional products such as Sichuan embroidery, Chongqing sugar painting, the gourd pyrography, and the ancient method of making hotpot condiment at Jiefangbei Pedestrian Street.


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