The Adorable & Healing "Anooki" is Coming to Town



Artwork Lighting
"Anooki" Lights up the Night at Chongqing Tiandi

Our childlike innocence is never too far away, hidden in our hearts, coming out at Christmas time surrounded by all the wonder of the festive season.

Tired of the busy, routine daily grind? Well here you have a chance to go back to your childhood. The Anooki - Artwork Lighting is coming to Chongqing Tiandi, to bring you a chance to go back to your childhood. From Dec 6 - Feb 15, the urban fairy tale dreamland welcomes you!

都市繁忙的工作和紧张压抑的生活节奏,童真的单纯浪漫显得尤为的可贵与,来自法国里昂灯光节的超级童梦巨星,坐拥全球百万粉丝的童梦大使Anooki空降山城重庆,带来无限纯真的梦幻和纯净的童心。寻觅都市微光, 点亮都市童话梦境!

The Anooki Tumble

On December 6th, the "Anooki" artwork lighting, which has three times won the most popular artwork of the Festival of Lights in Lyon, France (or Fête des Lumières), is now officially is being shown at Chongqing Tiandi!

“The Anooki Tumble” was customized by the famous French art team Inook, which are two 6-meter-high snowmen. Inspired by the Inuit people, who come from the distant polar regions, they set out on a journey around the world with environmental protection concepts to raise awareness of the melting ice caps, passing through Dubai, Singapore, Rennes and Geneva - to spread out the concept that "our planet is precious".

"These two cute and giant dolls have come to Chongqing Tiandi already. You will find them at the Binjiang Square and have a chance to meet them," said the Project Manager of Chongqing Tiandi.


French Artists Took Part at the Lighting Ceremony

During the opening ceremony, David Passegand, the French Anooki project artist participated in the lighting ceremony and witnessed this lighting show with Chonqing's citizens.

In addition, the "Andersen's Fairy Tale Exhibition" held at the same time also started its exciting events: the "dressing experience", "mini artwork lighting DIY", "Adventure at Tiandi" "fairytale performance", "night fair" and more. 35 booths offered food, flower art, handcrafts, limited edition lipsticks, sugar painting, paper cutting, and more. It was enjoyed by all who attended.

开幕当晚,来自法国的Anooki艺术家大卫·帕萨甘德(David Passegand)亲临现场参与亮灯仪式,与现场众多市民一起见证这一暖心时刻,现场氛围浓烈,人气火爆。除此之外,同期举办的“安徒生暖心冬日童话展”也开启了更多妙趣横生的现场活动:童话天地换装体验、“城市微光”DIY、与童话主人公零距离接触的“天地冬游”、演绎浪漫童话的“梦话奇遇”,以及淘新趣玩意的“暖冬市集”,在这里,不管是美食、花艺,还是有趣的手工小摆件、定制口红、糖画、植物标本绘画剪纸等,都能一一找到,现场一共35个趣味摊位,琳琅满目。这场沉浸式互动体验的活动,让每一个现场观众都能乐在其中全情投入。

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