Wushan Airport will be soon running routes from Chongqing-Wushan, Chongqing-Wushan-Yantai.

19th July 2019


Yudaishan Station

The exit #4 of Yudaishan Station, on the loop line opened on July 15th. Which makes it more convenient for the local neighborhood.


Music Festival

On July 13th, 2019 the 10th Annual Chongqing Wulong Fairy Mountain Prairie Camping Music Festival, kicked off and will last until August 10th

7月13日晚,2019第10届重庆武隆仙女山草原露营音乐季燃情开唱,今年的仙女山露营音乐季会一直持续到8月 10日。

A wheelchair dog

A wheelchair dog? A disabled dog was luckily adopted by a lady called Ms. Zhang, who made a "wheelchair" for the dog and takes very good care of her. Ms. Zhang said: "Except the steps, the dog has no problem to walk and can even jump sometimes. It brings a lot of happiness to my family."



Since June 28th, the Airport Express Line K08 is running from Terminal T3 directly to Daxuecheng (University town). The Operating hours are: T3 (9:00-20:00); 1st Station of Daxuecheng West Road (8:00-19:00). Ticket: 20rmb (Cash, Transit cards and WeChat are all acceptable forms of payment).

自6月28日起,机场快车新开线路K08,江北机场T3航站楼直达大学城。开收班时间: T3航站楼(9:00-20:00);大学城西路1站(8:00-19:00)。票价20元,可使用现金、刷卡乘车,微信购票。


Wushan Airport will be soon running routes from Chongqing-Wushan, Chongqing-Wushan-Yantai.


Kempinski Chongqing

The new concept buffet dinner of Kempinski Chongqing is has been recently upgraded. Deputy Chef Tomas Chilly and the executive Chef Zong Tao will combine Western and Chinese flavors to create a new concept and present a new incredible flavor for the "ELEMENTS RESTAURANT" buffet dinner. Tel: +86 023 8688 8888 to 6561

重庆凯宾斯基酒店新概念自助晚餐全新升级。行政副总厨Tomas Chilly与行政总厨宗涛先生将西方与中式口味相结合,制定元素西餐厅自助晚餐全新理念,为元素西餐厅带来了新风味。咨询电话:+86 023 8688 8888转6561

China-Singapore Teenager Exchange

On July 13, 2019, the China-Singapore Teenager Exchange & CapitaLand Newborn Architects Charity Project Summer Camp 2019 ended successfully. The China-Singapore (Chongqing) Demonstration Initiative on Strategic Connectivity Bureau, Communist Youth League Committee of Chongqing, Chongqing Youth Development Foundation, Chongqing University, leaders of the District People's Government of Yuzhong Chongqing and its departments, Safdie Architects, representatives of the CapitaLand and the media all attended this closing ceremony.

2019年7月13日, “2019年中新青少年交流暨凯德青少年建筑师公益项目”夏令营圆满落幕,重庆市中新示范项目管理局、重庆市团市委、重庆市青少年发展基金会、重庆大学、重庆市渝中区委区政府及职能部门相关领导、萨夫迪事务所、凯德集团相关负责人、新闻媒体等嘉宾共同出席了闭营式。

The Newborn Architects' Charity Project Chongqing is from the "1 Belt and 1 Road" initiative, aiming to further enhance the Sino-Singapore cooperative demonstration project and promote a multi-level exchanging atmosphere. Through this, young people can pay more attention to the community, urban construction, broaden their horizons, enhance confidence, and build The Future We Want!


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