【COVID Diaries】#1 England


What's the Covid-19 situation like worldwide? CQGuide has asked our followers from different coutries to share their stories and what their lives are like recently. This week we have Emily from England to share her story.


Emily Hodson

President of CQIWG
CQGuide Ambassador

Emily is from England, and moved to Chongqing in January 2019. She loves travelling, learning new languages, Chinese culture and food, especially Chongqing xiaomian. She's enthusiastic about helping people and charity work.

I have lived in Chongqing since January 2019 but had to come back to the UK in February 2020 when the COVID-19 crisis was happening in China. When we arrived back, the situation was much better in the UK than in China - we could go out, spend time with our friends, go to bars and restaurants and live life as normal. However, the situation got much worse and COVID-19 became a global pandemic on 11 March 2020, and England officially went into lockdown on 23 March.


It has now been more than seven weeks and now there are signs of lockdown easing. We are still advised to stay at home, but we can go outside each day for exercise, for medical supplies, to buy food, or to go to work if we are unable to work from home.


We are now able to meet one other person outside, but we must stay two meters apart from them. There is a limit on how many people are allowed into supermarkets, and you must cover your face with a scarf or cloth mask if you're inside any public spaces with other people.


The government has been following scientific advice for how to respond to this crisis but unfortunately a lot of people have died from this virus - more than 30,000. They have closed all schools and non-essential businesses, and they are paying 80% of people’s salaries up to £2500 per month, to try and avoid people losing their jobs.


The future is very uncertain, and we get daily updates from the government to find out what the next phase will look like for England.


I am very grateful to China who has been supporting the UK in providing PPE for our healthcare system. I’m really happy to see that the situation in China has improved and people can spend time together now and can't wait until I'm able to come back to Chongqing!


Personally, I have spent a lot of time indoors, trying to avoid people as much as possible. London is very crowded and I am lucky enough to have a little balcony so I can get some sun and some fresh air every day, and if I stay indoors it means that those who need the outside space can use it - such as people with no gardens, those who struggle with their mental health, or those who have children.


I have been doing a lot of volunteering in my local area, such as delivering food to those who need it, and helping to run a website called www.whatcanwedo.world, which collects together all of the ways people can help the UK's COVID-19 relief efforts right from their sofa. I also speak to two elderly people two times per week who are unable to leave their homes, to try and keep them company and lift their spirits - this is a very difficult time for them especially. I've been doing workouts each morning to boost my mood and my blood flow, and have been doing a lot of crafting and painting! I regularly speak to my friends and family on Zoom, and we play games and drink together.


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I take things one day at a time, as the future is too uncertain to predict at the moment.

Yingguo jiayou!



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