Art Exhibition | "Homecoming Islet" 原·美术馆新媒体艺术展《重逢岛》


Over the past half year, we have been thinking about things like "what is a perfect world?", and "what can we bring to this world?". Yuan Museum brought up the perfect answer with its first exhibition of 2020——New Media Art Exhibition "Homecoming Islet".


On June 6, CQGuide was invited to the opening ceremony


20 outstanding new media artists from home and abroad joined, and presented "Homecoming Islet", a topic that refers and responds to three aspects:

• Islet
• Homecoming
• Garden Cities of To-morrow


Swipe down for a digital exhibition tour 下面为部分展览作品 请尽情欣赏

「 1 」

Islet · Somewhere Else

"Islet is a projection of the culture and geography of a perfect, utopian world"


Chen Junjiang "Winner" - Oil on canvas 陈俊江《注专盒子发明造创》布面油画

Zeng Chen "Digital Lover Letter" Interactive installation 曾晨《数字情书 4.0》互动装置

「 2 」

Homecoming: We Met Here

"Homecoming means reunion."

Hou Wen "Muse" - Stainless steel sculpture 侯雯《缪斯》不锈钢雕塑

Chen Xiaoyi "Where We Met" - Video 陈萧伊 "Where We Met" 单屏视频装置

「 3 」

Garden Cities of To-morrow

Garden Cities of To-morrow are endowed with more discussions about the ideal life in the future, and come up with a more positive "utopian approach".

Pan Zishen "Spiral Scene" - Installation 潘子申《旋景》土壤,苔藓,石头 互动装置

Li Chuan Zhao Haichao Hu Tao "Digital Yuan Jue" - Immersive installation 李川 张海超 胡滔《数字圆觉》沉浸式装置

Eiji Sumi (Japan) "Cocoon" - Installation 隅英二(日本)《茧》空间装置

Looking for more?

See you at Homecoming Islet!
2020 我们重逢吧

"Homecoming Islet"
New Media Art Exhibition
2020 原·美术馆新媒体艺术展
重 / 逢 / 岛

June 6 - Agust 16 2020
2020年6月6日 - 8月16日

40rmb/student (student card required)
全价票 50元 学生票 40元 (需有效证件)


Yuan Museum
(Dongyuan 1891, Nan'an)
原·美术馆(重庆市南岸区南滨路东原1891 中段)

Going alone? Join art exhibition tour with CQGuide on June 20, 15:30, scan the QR code below for joining us! See you at Homecoming Islet!


Lucky draw
Leave a comment below letting us know who or what you would like to be reunited with right now. The two who get the most likes win tickets to the "Homecoming Islet".
Deadline: Jun 16, 2020

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