New Updates: New-type Coronavirus COVID19 Spreads in China

29th Feb 2020, 20:30


(Source: Sky News)

This is a rapidly developing issue, so to keep up to date with latest health, safety and travel information please refer to:
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The latest: It's the second day that Chongqing has 0 new confirmed case. And the number of cured cases is keeping inceasing. And there are 148 confirmed cases left in Chongqing. No doubt, Chongqing is getting safer and safer!

Till now,2838 people are dead in China and 37,352 confirmed cases left infected as the Wuhan coronavirus continues to spread throughout Asia. The World Health Organization declared the novel coronavirus epidemic as a Public Health Emergency of International Concern, or PHEIC, after an emergency committee reconvened in Geneva, Switzerland, citing human-to-human infections have been confirmed in other countries.

Which groups are most at risk? Of all confirmed deaths across mainland China, 80% of victims were over the age of 60, and 75% of victims had some form of underlying disease. Two-thirds of the confirmed deaths are male.

Hubei province in lockdown: The city of 11 million people at the heart of the outbreak is placed on partial lockdown from 23rd,Jan, in an effort to stop the spread of the virus.

New-type coronavirus spreads in China(Source: Sky News)

As you will be aware, one of the most popular topics in the global media at the moment is the new-type coronavirus ("2019-nCoV", 2019新型冠状病毒), which has been spreading throughout the country and even abroad since December 2019. Suddenly, this viral pneumonia has become a global issue in a very short time and impacted hundreds of people at a time when Chinese New Year is around the corner and people plan to be with their families. The number of cases is expected to continue to rise during the large number of people travelling over Spring Festival holiday, which starts from 22th, Jan.

Chinese officials and healthcare professionals are prepared, and are treating people as soon as the virus is diagnosed, and advice about how to take care of yourself is readily available. Whilst there have been some deaths from the disease, most of these have been vulnerable elderly people, so whilst it is recommended that people take precautions, this virus isn't a threat to life for the majority of the population.

Whilst so far, the impact in Chongqing has been minimal, people are being advised to take precautions and educate themselves on this new flu-like illness, whose symptoms include high fever, a cough, lack of strength and difficulty breathing. Please seek medical advice if you experience any of these symptoms; the contact details for international medical centres Raffles Hospital and Global Doctor are below as well as those of local hospitals.

New-type coronavirus spreads in China(Source: WHO)

Recommended Hospitals

Raffles Hospital
Tel:+ 86 23 8686 8000(24 hrs on call)
Huashan Middle Road No 2, Yubei

Global Doctor
Tel:+ 86 23 6308 5550(24 hrs on call)
Jinkai Avenue No 343 3F, Liangjiang New Area
Zhongshan 3rd Road No 131 Hilton Business Center 701, Yuzhong

The First Affiliated Hospital of CQMU
Tel:+ 86 23 6881 1360
Youyi Road No 1, Yuanjiagang, Yuzhong

More Hotlines for Foreign Nationals in Chongqing:Please Check the Link Here.

How to protect yourself against the new coronavirus?

Due to a lack of knowledge of the new strain, the World Health Organization has so far suggested general protective measures targeting other regular respiratory infections, including avoiding contact with people infected with respiratory illnesses, washing hands regularly and refraining from touching livestock or wild animals. Medical institutions should step up protection and control measures in their emergency.

New-type coronavirus spreads in China

The new-type coronavirus is nothing to fear if you are armed with all the appropriate information. The country, hospitals and other national organizations are all well prepared to help us get through the first challenge of 2020.

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