New Updates: Covid-19 in Chongqing

17th Mar 2020, 18:46


Chongqing: All confirmed cases have been medically cleared and discharged, while 72 people are still undergoing medical observation (by March 15 24:00)

重庆确诊病例清零 现仅有72人正在接受医学观察


The confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Chongqing have been cleared as the last one was discharged from the Chongqing Public Health Medical Center at noon on March 15th. The 55 day battle in Chongqing - from the first confirmed imported cases on January 21 to a total number of 576 confirmed cases in March - is now hopefully over! It took a lot of strength and effort by the government, hospitals, communities, and all of us.

Yet it is not the end, please take all normal precautions such as wearing a mask while going out, washing your hands frequently, and avoiding crowds, to help protect yourself, your community, and your city from another outbreak and make it to the finish line.




Q: Will I get quarantined once I get to China?

A: Whether you are travelling domestically between provinces in China, or arriving in China from abroad, you might stay at home for 14 days depending on different rules for different communities.

Q: What is the public transport situation in Chongqing?

• Local buses: running regularly ✓
• Metro: running regularly between 06:30-22:30✓
• Taxi: running regularly and easily available✓
(a phone number registration system has been applied in taxis during the epidemic control period. Using mobile payment will get you registered automatically. For non-mobile payment, you need to scan the code to register - find the QR code in the taxi. The system only asks for your phone number, no other information included.)
• Car-hailing: running regularly and easily available ✓
• Cruise: not running ✘

Q: Is waimai available?

A: Yes, you can easily get your food delivered from Meituan, E'leme and Jingdong apps.

Q:What is open these days?


• Shopping Malls

Beicheng Paradise Walk
(Supermarket, some restaurants, beauty salons, milk tea shops, clothing shops)

Daping Paradise Walk
(Yonghui supermarket, New Century Department store Supermarket, Super species, and some of the shops)

Shin Kong Place
(All the shops 10:00-18:00 dining only for takeout service)

Jiefangbei Times Square
Dining 10:00-20:00
Ole 10:00-20:00

Guotai Plaza


• Outdoor Spaces

Expo Garden
9:00-17:00 Main/east gate
Purchase tickets online at:

Chongqing Nanshan Botanical Garden
9:30-17:00 Main gate
Purchase tickets online at:

Taisiya Park
Purchase tickets online at:

Hua Sheng Yuan Dream Castle
30RMB Purchase tickets at the door

Yangtze River Cableway

• Art Galleries and Museums

Chongqing Art Museum
9:00-17:00 (closed on Monday)
Free Entry

Chongqing Natural History Museum
9:00-17:00 (closed on Monday)
Free Entry

Q: Where can I seek medical advice?

• Raffles Hospital (24 hours)
023-8600 6999 For Chinese please dial 1 for English dial 2

• Global Doctor (24 hours)
Emergency number: 023-63085550
English, Spanish & Chinese

Q: How do I apply for Yukang code?

At the entryway of pretty much every community, store, office building, shop, and public building, you are required to give a Yukang code 渝康码 (health pass)
Here are the instructions for how to apply:

Apply for Huiyou code 惠游码 (travel pass)

Where can the the code be used?
Public gardens, museums, tourist sites..

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