Want a taste of Ethiopian coffee? | CQGuide邀您一起品尝埃塞俄比亚咖啡


The Chongqing Ethiopian Coffee Week was unveiled on Monday morning June 8 at PuLuoLi Specialty Coffee Shop on Mountain City Alley, Yuzhong District, to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the start of Ethiopia-China formal diplomatic relations.


The event was held with the support of the Foreign Affairs Office of Chongqing Municipal People's Government and Yuzhong District People's Government; hosted by the Ethiopian Consulate General, the Foreign Affiars Office of Yuzhong District People's Government and Yuzhong Dist Nanjimen Substrict, co-hosted by Chongqing BRST Barista Bakery Bartender Training College and Chongqing Xinyunlu Coffee Industry CO.,LTD.


All the guests toasted with premium Ethiopian coffee and watched the traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremony.


Starting from Monday, Chongqing Ethiopian Coffee Week will run until June 18. During the event, the Consulate office has proudly prepared a special discount and coffee appreciation class for people to join!


1. During June 8-18th, the Puluoli Specialty Coffee Shop at Mountain City Alley, Yuzhong District will offer 12% off to all roasted premium Ethiopian coffee beans and all Ethiopian Single coffee. We strongly recommend its house special Shancheng icing sparkling drip coffee.


2. At 10am on June 12th, CIRCUS COFFEE from Chongqing Xinyunlu Coffee Industry CO.,LTD will present their online promotion. In this promotion, you may get the chance to purchase roasted Yirgacheff at the price of RMB 39.9 or purchase Yirgacheff drip coffee at the price of 29.9! During the 10 day event, you can also enjoy 30% off for any Ethiopian Coffee! So, no more hesitation, scan the following code and remind you of this big discount!


3. In association with the Chongqing BRST Barista Bakery Bartender Training College, we provide an appreciation event for Ethiopian coffee. Mr Qin Zhibin, the founder of the college and the golden tutor of ACIC, will guide you how to appreciate the charming aroma of different kind of Ethiopian coffee.


Share this article to your Wechat Moment, and send the screenshot to us by June 14th at 6:00pm, to get a chance to win a ticket to join the coffee appreciation class on 18 June, at 10:00, at Chongqing BRST Barista Bakery Bartender Training College! Stay tuned with us!


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