We Tried Epermarket! Here's What We Thought | 精品进口超市“这样生活”购物体验


If you're the type of person who loves grocery shopping at a physical store and sifting through all the fresh produce as opposed to buying them online, we get it. Some of us felt this way about online grocery deliveries, until Epermarket, one of Shanghai's favorite online grocery stores, let us know that they were expanding their reach nationwide.

对于食品购物,你更倾向于网购还是去实体店?也许你更倾向于去实体店购物,也许,Epermarket “这样生活”满足你的购物需要。Epermarket,上海最具影响力的网上精品进口超市之一,目前正在打造全国范围内的食品生鲜平台。

And after taking a good look at their website, and seeing what they had to offer - we figured we might as well give them a try! We also heard a lot of good things about their huge fresh and imported product range that we had to find out for ourselves what all the hype was about.


So we downloaded their APP and got to ordering!

Into our (virtual shopping cart) went your typical fresh produce, fresh meats, pantry goods, frozen items, etc. We quickly discovered a few things we like about this experience. And here they are!


The Perks of Shopping at Epermarket


🤔 Why Epermarket?

It's super easy 操作简单

You don't have to be a frequent online grocery shopper in order to figure this out. We found the process to be simple and stress-free! You just type in what you're looking for and your options come up. You can even shop by category or other quick links to see the organic items they have available.


It's convenient 购物方便

Obviously. Because who doesn't like shopping in their pajamas? You also have the option to shop on their mobile website, APP and mini-program! Plus, if you order before 3 pm, you're most likely to receive your order the day after (Like we did)!


It's still affordable 价格实惠

We initially thought that prices on Epermarket were going to be a little high, especially including the delivery fee. However, through initiatives such their Fair Price Guarantee, Discover Weekly Deals section, as well as Lower Price Policy, we found them to be extremely competitive. Meat and vegetables were especially good value!


My shopper picked out good produce 新鲜且优质

We were a little worried about how our fruits and vegetables would arrive, but all of our produce looked great and were comparable on price to what we'd buy from a local vegetable market. But we're convinced that Epermarket's quality is much higher! Plus, upon receiving our delivery, we noticed that everything was professionally-packaged.


✔This cooler box kept our items safe & protected!专业包装,物美价优

We found almost everything we needed 种类繁多

We found almost everything we were looking for, which is a good sign for shoppers who have a regular shopping list. There were a few things we couldn't order like liquid products, but we've been told this is something they're working on as they know how much we love our wine!


The Verdict 购物体验报告

Overall, we'd say our first-time experience with Epermarket was a good one. From browsing on their website to receiving our order - the whole experience was pretty delightful! You can tell that you're shopping with experts who truly care about the quality of their products! Oh, and one last thing - new customers should expect a whole lot of surprises coming their way when they shop at Epermarket:

- Add code EPERNC2020 and get 50 RMB off your first order


Then they promise plenty of other benefits on following orders. We'll definitely be finding out what they are soon!

Here are some of our favorites!


Start shopping at Epermarket by scanning the QR codes below!

Shop with Epermarket “这样生活”网购平台

The idea behind Epermarket has always been simple: a place for internationals to buy the food they love, from a source they can trust. They place quality and safety first, with all products curated by professionals, all passionate about food and living a healthy life. Whether you are looking for fresh fruit and organic vegetables, pantry favorites or even home care products, Epermarket has everything you need.


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