7 Major Traditional Landscape Streets will be Open to Public

28th June 2018


The first zone to open, the Zaoziwan Area, of the Longmenhao Traditional-Style Street in Nan'an District, will be unveiled in September, with the other six Traditional-Style Streets to open to the public by 2020.


The seven specially-protected traditional streets in the city are said to be: Huguang Guild and Dongshuimen Historical and Cultural Street, Shibati Traditional Style Area in Yuzhong District, Longmenhao Historical and Cultural Street in Nan’an District, Fengsheng Ancient Town, Mudong Traditional Style Street in Banan District, Jingangbei Historical and Cultural Street in Beibei District, and Ciqikou Historical and Cultural Street in Shapingba Distict.  Based on preliminary statistics, there are 74 immovable cultural relics in these traditional-style streets, as well as large numbers of historical buildings, streets, and other historic elements. All seven streets are expected to be open to the public by 2020.

Longmenhao Wharf became China's first inland port opened for trade since it has been opened in 1891, for the first phase project, the construction of the traditional historical buildings and the restoration of Chongqing old site have basically been completed, In September, it’s officially to open to public to experience the culture about port-opening.

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