Glenview.. The Future Hotel

9th April 2019


The Smart check-in system enabled is to shorten the process time at front desk

Lights and loudspeakers have been customized based on your demand

Aromatherapy and soothing music create a luxurious atmosphere

Glenview.. The Future Hotel

Noble House by Glenview

Glenview Group will focus on establishing a boutique hotel represented by Noble House. It is reported that Noble House has applied advanced technology such as artificial intelligence to hotels, which represents ‘people-oriented’ strategies in all aspects and provides customers with an intelligent and humanized integrated guest experience. For instance, the smart check-in system enables to shorten the process time at the front desk and the basic facilities such as a loudspeaker could be customized based on guests demand. Besides a variety of experiences such as romance, soothing atmospheres, aromatherapy and music, creative leisure activities including but not limited to games, in which are available in the hotel. The diversified business scope lowered the traditional dependence on income from room and catering and thus lead to a more diverse plethora of profit resources.

Opening a “New Journey” in the future, Glenview Group Strategy Conference was successful.

Glenview International Hotel Group Limited ("Glenview Group") held a strategy launch conference in Glenview ITC Plaza Chongqing. The conference proposed this overall planning strategy to initially embed in Chongqing, primarily concentrating on southwest markets and by further expanding into the national market after integrating its own merit, within the status quo and development trends in the Chinese hospitality industry. A multi-dimensional strategy has been launched that promotes “Noble House” by Glenview as the priority of its premier brand portfolio. Meanwhile, the group attempts to effectively penetrate into the upscale leisure market within the guidelines of the overall planning strategy.

Glenview.. The Future Hotel

Mr Liao Bochao, President of Glenview Group, along with a number of media agencies attended this conference. Notably, the professor Andre Mack from the top-ranked university, Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne (EHL) in Switzerland, also visited the conference to discuss new trends of the hospitality industry in China and worldwide. Sharing the development experience and creating industry value.

Glenview.. The Future Hotel

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