I`m dizzy while driving

28th November 2017


Talking about San Francisco
You would mention Golden Gate Bridge
But a special street also can’t be ignored-
Lombard Street
A street
With countless intense curves
And decorated by flowers

I`m dizzy while driving-1

I`m dizzy while driving-2

You don’t need to fly all the way to The US
Only a few hours driving
S-type(五个字母用五种颜色) roadChongqing
Fuling !

I`m dizzy while driving-3

I`m dizzy while driving-4

Located in Chongqing Fuling wine town, Colorful S-type road a free of charge open road, an experience-oriented sections. With 100 meters the total in length, 5 meters in width, the vehicle can only be descending and limit the speed within 5 kilometers per hour. The whole road is paved with high-strength non-slip color asphalt.

I`m dizzy while driving-5

According to scenic areas’ regulations, in order to ensure safety, the vehicle can only be one-way down with speed of 5 km per hour. If you want to reach the top of the road, detour to another two-lane uphill road 1 km away.

I`m dizzy while driving-6

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