So Many Too See Around, Don’t Forget Running!

28th November 2017


On November 6, talking and laughing, noises from groups of competitors broke the silence in Qianjiang. On hearing the starting order, immediately they all ran forward, beginning to conquer a long distance marathon ahead. But they’re provided with a gift - the attractive viewing of Qianjiang.

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Chongqing, Qianjiang is the 6th station out of 7stations in 2017 China Mountain Marathon, but the 1st time for Chonqqing to join in this competition.

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Chongqing, Qianjiang station is separated into three kinds - a 11 kilometers fitness competition for citizens; a 23 kilometers and a 42 kilometers individual marathon competition, starting off all at Balahu Lake Scenic Area.

Located in hinterland of Wuling Mountain, Qianjiang is combined with various landform, beyond it different races are built up - mud races, farm races, slate races... even river banks and bridges can be turned into races. Once departing from the origin, competitors had to finish a ally falls 500 meters, then climb across hills and run through Apeng River...

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By achieving the final line means you’ve paid a visit to all famous scenic spots in Qianjiang, according to people in charge from organizing committee, “ Competitors won’t feel bored as they’re accompanied by houses beside little bridges, Liangqiao Ancient Town along with Tujia culture. “

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Mountain marathon is simply one of the sport competitions held in Qianjiang in recent years, along with Runners Festival, International Stream Fishing Festival and so on. Qianjiang government attaches equal importance in culture, sport and tourism, by positive supports this city has attracted more and more sport-lovers to pay a visit, gradually feeding back in Qianjiang’s economy.

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