A Dazzling Necklace of Tourism

in Mountain City

19th January 2018




In 2018, Yuzhong District will take culture as the soul, tourism as a link, commerce as the core, and city as the basis to vigorously promote the integrated development of "Culture, Business and Tourism City". Among them, the old buildings, the old trail, time-honored brands and other Yuzhong culture "Pearl" that scatter within streets and alley will be connected like a dazzling “necklace”of Chongqing, mountain city.

A Dazzling Necklace of Tourism-1


Yuzhong District is destination of vital importance for tourism in Downtown Chongqing, carrying the core content of "Chongqing, a beautiful city with mountains and rivers", with 210 immovable cultural relics, 36 national key cultural relics protection sites, 46 intangible cultural heritage projects and 8 4A scenic spots. In 2017, Yuzhong District received 54 million tourists and was voted as "Top 10 Global Travel Destinations in China" and Top 10 in China's integrated tourism Index.

A Dazzling Necklace of Tourism-2


"Yuzhong District is not only an important destination for tourism in Chongqing, but also an interactive experience place for tourists. In addition to the Jiefangbei, tourists are provided with a plethora of distinctive old buildings, old trails, time-honored brands and old craftsmanship that will create visitor a special experience about culture in Mountain. ", said the person in charge from Yuzhong District government.


A Dazzling Necklace of Tourism-3

"This year, we will be lead by upgrading our tourism development in the entire region, promoting our pace in constructing the first batch of national tourism demonstration zones and building Yuzhong District into an internationally renowned tourist destination." The relevant official from Yuzhong District introduced that in 2018, Yuzhong will make every effort to exceed 60 million person-times in reception volume and to achieve a total income of 35 billion yuan in tourism industry.


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