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10th March 2018


Chongqing may launch two kinds of travel "all-purpose card"

Liu Qi, the director of Chongqing Municipal Committee of Tourism Development said that Chongqing will hold a conference on tourism development and formulate relevant measures in accordance with the relevant policies of the report of the work of government. For example, as for scenic spot tickets, Chongqing is ready to implement two forms of "all-purpose card".



All-purpose Card ”Better Travel Experience-1

One type of "all-purpose card" is mainly for non-local tourist, which can be used for riding light rail, subway, bus and visiting museums, also be able to enjoy some discounts in shopping, eating and so on. The other one is for the local citizens. Chongqing citizens will be provided with corresponding discount when travel out of peak season according to the season and times. "It is estimated that this card will be launched in May and June this year," said Liu Qi.


All-purpose Card ”Better Travel Experience-2

All-purpose Card ”Better Travel Experience-3

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