“An Exploration of Chongqing” broadcast on ABC

- Capital Of Mountains & Rivers, A Vivid City With Unique Charm

A special program, “An Exploration of Chongqing”, aired its third episode “Capital Of Mountains & Rivers, A Vivid City With Unique Charm” on ABC, at 7:30 pm EDT on 16th, September. It received high praise and feedback from both American mainstream media and American tourism media. The show ranked second in overall audience rating for ABC that night and, again, presented the scenery of Chongqing to a fascinated American audience.

As China’s only municipality and national central city, Chongqing was the strategic connection to integrate “the Belt and Road Initiatives” with the Yangtze River economic zone. The future of this competitive city is rising in those giant mountains and profound rivers, by relying on its superior geographical position and human resources, and will be built into an international tourist destination in order to welcome tourists from everywhere.

The program presented glorious natural landscapes, profound cultural deposits, and inclusive urban character. It brought the audience to explore Chongqing along the Yangtze River. The program moved from east to west, starting in Wushan County of central Chongqing. It led the audience to appreciate the substantial ancient cultural relics and natural landscapes of the coast along the Yangtze River, which includes the unique underwater museum - Baiheliang Underwater Museum; the biggest collection of dinosaur relics at Yunyang Jinan Dinosaur Relics; Gongtan and Shiquan Ancient Towns, Youyang Taohuayuan Scenic Area, which is known for its exotic scenery; and Hong’an Ancient Town, which is featured in Shen Congwen’s book, “Border Town”. Through the screen, viewers enjoyed the fascinating views along the Yangtze River and had the chance to know the legendary Goodness Peak.

Liu Qi, the Director of Chongqing Tourism Bureau Met With Mr. Komatsu, the Japanese Consul General in Chongqing and His Delegation

On the afternoon of September 21, a special viewing of this special program was held in the meeting room of The Sino-American Friendship Association in Manhattan, New York. More than 10 representatives from tourism industries, the Pacific Asia Travel Association, the China National Tourist Office in New York, and press watched the program and shared their comments. They also discussed tourism and cultural communication cooperation in both cities, aprreciating the vibrant, flexible, traditional and modern style Chongqing in a different view.

“I was in Chongqing 10 years ago, I can’t imagine the huge changes that have been made there with the tall buildings, modern malls and busy streets. I wish I could go back to Chongqing soon, It’s worth a visit,” said the executive Director, Simone Olivier Bassous of the New York Branch of the Pacific Asia Travel Association.

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