An Upgraded Version
of Chongqing Tourism

16sth March 2018


Toilet Revolution


Small toilet means a lot to people’s livelihood. The "Toilet Revolution" is a great practical project that benefits people's livelihood and wins people's hearts. It is also an inherent requirement to further enhance the tourism image of Chongqing as a mountain and river city and boost the construction of internationally renowned tourist destinations. Till 2017, 2,546 tourist rest rooms were completed in Chongqing, including 1,931 new ones, 615 reconstructed ones, and 237 toilets out of plan. The accumulated investment in the construction of tourist toilets was 932 million yuan.



“In 2018, Chongqing will build, reform and expand 1,298 tourist toilets, accelerate to construct the “Third Toilet” in scenic spots above 4A glass ,vigorously promote civilized behavior when using toilets, steadily improve tourism public services, and enhance to create a beautiful landscape with mountains and rivers,” said Qin Dingbo. ”



Riverside culture and tourism leisure belt


“Combined with the construction of a beautiful landscape with mountains and rivers, this year, first priority for tourism in Chongqing is to create an upgraded version of tourism product in the whole city and enhance the international influence and core attraction of the tourism brand.” Qin Dingbo said that , rely on the“two rivers and four banks”in the downtown city and “one main stream two branches ”riverside resources in Chongqing, riverside and lakeside tourism will be developed to a higher level. Chongqing will focus on the “two rivers and four banks” tourism leisure belts and riverside and lakeside tourism leisure belts in other districts and counties, making them a tourism economic belt, creating more than 10riverside and lakeside culture and tourism leisure belt.



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