Andover Ocean Park Celebrates Birthday with Big Discounts
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18h April 2018


Chongqing Andover Ocean Park is about to have its first birthday on April 27th. The Park is discounting about 1,000 tickets at just one yuan each to citizens until May 1st, starting from today, as it is celebrating its one-year anniversary.



Dolphin Bay Waterpark will open on May 18th. (Photo provided by Chongqing Andover Ocean Park)

鯨豚灣水世界5月18日開園。 重慶漢海海洋公園供圖

It is reported that the dolphin brothers and a Russian mermaid would be performing during the birthday celebration. At the same time, tourists have the chance of winning a year pass if they are willing to join an activity that promotes family affection.



The lovely dolphin brothers (Photo provided by Chongqing Andover Ocean Park)

可愛的海豚兄弟。 重慶漢海海洋公園供圖

It’s worth mentioning that the Park will offer a great discount. For example, visitors born on April 27th will have the chance of acquiring a ticket for just one yuan from a pool of about 1,000 tickets on major e-commerce websites from April 16th to 27th.


The manager of the park said that the park’s sister counterpart, Dolphin Bay Waterpark, would open on May 18th. During the period of celebration, a year pass for the two parks is available at heavily discounted price of 528 yuan per card (previously priced at 368 yuan per person for the Ocean Park and 498 yuan for the Waterpark per person), which will allow you to make unlimited visits to the parks for the entire year. Besides, two more Waterpark tickets can be purchased at 1 yuan.



Discount available as Chongqing Andover Ocean Park celebrates birthday. (Photo provided by Chongqing Andover Ocean Park)


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