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Line 10 Is About To Open

27th November 2017



Looking forward to for a long time, Line 10 finally come to us and due to open for the trial operation by the end of the month. The first phase of Metro Line 10 starts at Liyuchi Station and ends at Wangjiazhuang Station, passing through many important transport hubs and municipal facilities such as Chongqingbei station, T3 Terminal Building of Jiangbei International Airport, T2 Terminal Building of Jiangbei International Airport and Chongqing International Expos Center. Together with Line 3, it bears the function as backbone public transport of North-South. Is there anything interesting to do around Line 10? Let’s check with!

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新建的鯉魚池站離九街廣場約800米步行10分鐘左右即可到達,九街一直被譽為吃貨的“天堂”, 十號線開通後將緩解這一帶的交通壓力,以後每天都可以來這吃飯、喝夜啤酒。


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The newly built Liyuchi station is about 800 meters from the Jiujie Square, about 10-minute walk. Jiujie has been hailed as the“Paradise” for foodies. The open of Line 10 will ease the traffic pressure in the area, so that people can come every day, eating and drinking night beer.
Address: No.46 Paradise Walk, Jiujie
Transport: Take Line 10 then get off at the Liyuchi station



Longtousi Park

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As a result of its large size, there are two sites on Line 10 that can reach the Longtousi Park. After walking from one side to the other end, you could just take the light rail to home. Here you can not only watch flowers and foliage, but also visit the lake, or maybe bless at the nearby Longtousi. Longtousi Station nears the famous "Hot Pot Street"
Address: No.36 Wuhong Road, Yubei
Transport: Take Line 10 then get off at Longtousi Park Station or Hongtudi Station



Sanya Bay Seafood Market

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Exactly as the name reply, Sanya Bay Seafood Market specializes at fresh and delicious seafood, where you can always buy whatever you want. Better come after lunch because fresh seafood won’t be served until noon.More excited news is that there are shops for processing nearby. Once Line 10 opens up, you could eat fresh seafood every day!
Address: Near No.452 Jinshi Road, Yubei
Transport: Take the Line 10 then get off at Sanya Bay Station



Bijin Park

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Bijin Park is famous for its flowers and trees, blossom in spring, green lotus in cool summer, yellow chrysanthemum in golden autumn, and Lamei in winter.Waves float under green lake. Water and sky correspond with each other. You can also boating on the lake, quietly enjoy the beauty of the lake shore. Inside there lies Bayu Folk Culture Village, where you could experience ancient time in the modern age.
Address: No. 172 Shengli Road,Lianglu Village, Yubei
Transport: Take the Line 10 then get off at Yubei Plaza Station



Central Park

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Central Park can be considered as a “Net Hot” resort in Chongqing, where there’s certain distance from the downtown area. Gentle slope, quiet environment, pleasant scenery ...... perfect choice for a family to take a leisure walk on the lawn or enjoy flowers, picnic even fly kite when wind is strong enough. In addition, you can enjoy this exercise as the park is equipped with fitness trail and bike trails. If tired, go to Mirror Lake boating.
Address: Tongmao Avenue and Jieqing Avenue, Yubei
Transport: Take the Line 10 then get off at Central Park East Station or Central Park West Station

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