Back to Song Dynasty on Antique Cruise Ship
The “Diaoyucheng” Cruise Ship

18th April 2018


Recently, the building of the “Diaoyucheng” cruise ship in the Hechuan District was officially started. This antique cruise ship of the Song Dynasty is expected to begin operation during the National Day. When finished, visitors can experience the Song Dynasty (960-1279) culture by boat and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the city.



“Diaoyucheng” is an antique cruise ship of the Song Dynasty with a total length of 49.91 meter and 12 meter in width. There are three floors above the main deck, which can accommodate 300 people at the same time and have a wide outdoor tour area. All cabins have large glass windows (with antique panes) for sightseeing. Visitors can drift with the cruise, enjoy scenery, take photos, have fun, and have food. The gorgeous “Diaoyucheng” will add a fascinating and beautiful view to the waterfronts of the three rivers. Come and enjoy your travel in Chongqing.





Next, Hechuan Tourism Development Corporation will continue to design and develop the “water-friendly tour” and “around-lake tour” and other Sanjiang water related products. They plan to develop more ancillary facilities consistent with the Hechuan tourism style, such as cruise ship capacity, improved shore-base, barges and so on. They will also build some tourist bases and visitor centers such as motor homes and a cruise ship home port. A water sightseeing platform and landscape tourism platform will help shape the Hechuan Water Tourism brand.


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