"Ballet on the Palisades"
Passion and Excitement

27th April 2018


Rock climbing has been called "ballet on the palisades" for its highly ornamental value. These days, a group of “dancers”gather in Chongqing and expressed people with passion and excitement.




The IFSC Climbing World Cup Competition is one of the top events of this sport and represents the world's top level in climbing. The participants are all top players in the world rankings, and the World Cup subsidiary race represents the highest level of competitive climbing today.



The 2018 IFSC Climbing World Cup Competition (Jiulongpo District · Chongqing) is the first race of the IFSC Climbing World Cup Competition in China.



It is said that the game has a total of four events, including men’s and women’s climbing and speed races, which lasts two days. During the competition, Jiulongpo District will also carry out some relevant activities in some business districts. At the same time, it will make a webcast to invite people to participate.


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