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Airport Express Service Hall

20th March 2018


According to the Chongqing Liangjiang Bus Company, the Airport Express Service Hall of Terminal 3 was officially opened at Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport, providing free services for buses and passengers.



The Airport Express of K01 (to Jiefangbei), K02 (to north square of Chongqingbei Railway Station), K03 (to Shapingba Yanggongqiao), K05 (to Nanping Sigongli), K06 (to Chongqingxi Railway Station), K07 (to Shapingba Railway Station) and an airport shuttle bus have been opened. Among them, the Airport Express Line K01 will be closed for half an hour after the last flight lands.



The Airport Bus Service Hall was put into use for the convenience of travelers. The Service Hall is located on the first floor of Terminal 3 and has an area of about 60 square meters, equipped with cloth sofas, coffee tables, bar tables, bookshelves, and children's hobbyhorse, providing passengers with free information such as flight departure information, baggage check-in, departure time and location of the Airport Express as well as hot water services.


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