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19th January 2018





自駕線路 :主城-渝湘高速G65-途經南川、武隆-彭水西下道-烏江四橋-313省道-摩圍山風景區

Pengshui Mowei Mountain

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Nestled among wide-open forest and boundless snowfield ringed by mist-wrapped mountains and sky reaching trees, Mowei Meadow is emerald wonderment with sheep running wildly and sweet birds warbling. The poet Bai Juyi of the Tang Dynasty once wrote a poem for Mowei Mountain.

Ticket: online ticket 48 yuan (original price: 60 yuan) from now to January 31st, 2018

Self-driving route: Main urban areas -- Chongqing – Hu'nan Expressway G65 -- Nanchuan, Wulong -- leave the Expressway at Pengshuixi -- Wujiang 4th Bridge -- Provincial Road 313 -- Mowei Mountain Scenic Area.




自駕線路 :渝湘高速直達,酉陽站下高速,約15分鐘到酉陽縣城。


Youyang Taohuayuan (Peach Blossom Garden)

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Youyang Taohuayuan are composed of six high-profile attractions: Fu Hsi Cave, Taohuayuan Square, Taohuayuan National Forest Park, Youzhou Ancient Town, Taohuayuan Style Town, and Eryoushan Taohuanyuan Culture Park. It is contiguous to other famous scenic areas like Three Gorges, Zhangjiajie, Fenghuang Ancient Town and Fanjing Mount.

Ticket: The ticket price of Taohuayuan is 50% off. The whole journey ticket is 64 yuan/person halved from original price of 128 yuan/person; half journey ticket 48 yuan/person halved from 96 yuan/person.

Self-driving route: Chongqing – Hu'nan Expressway -- leave at Youyang Toll Station -- drive to Youyang County for about 15 minutes.

Bus: Sigongli Transfer Junction Station -- Youyang (Chengbei Open Passenger Transport Station)


n Station -- Youyang (Chengbei Open Passenger Transport Station)



自駕線路 :重慶主城-G50滬渝高速--G42瀘蓉高速-巫山互通下道—巫山縣城—在縣城港務站神女景區遊客服務中心購買船票。

Wushan Goddess Peak, Goddess Brook

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The kaleidoscopic twelve peaks of Wushan Mountain all distinct from each other with unique characteristics. One could be waving as if dragon rising to the sky and another is like a damsel. The Goddess Peak is the most famous one. The Goddess Brook is opposite to the Goddess Peak, sitting in a primitive valley. It was said that the seven fairies once had a bath there.

Ticket: The ticket of Wushan Goddess Peak and Goddess Brook is 50% off from Nov. 1st, 2017 to Jan. 14th, 2018. (Original admission price: 100 RMB + 130 RMB per person)

Self-driving route: Main urban areas -- G50 Shanghai – Chongqing Expressway -- G42 Chongqing – Chengdu Expressway -- Wushan Interchange – Wushan County - buy passage ticket at the Visitor Center of Goddess Scenic Area of Gangwu Station




自駕線路 :G65包茂高速—黔江西互通—向G319/黔江西/冊山/小南海景區/仰頭山景區/武陵仙山景區(出口)方向行駛—迎賓大道—新華大道西段—在環島,從第3出口駛出—城西七路—行署街——目的地

Qianjiang Xiaonanhai (Small South Sea)

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Encompassed by verdant hills, Qianjiang Xiaonanhai is a barrier lake formed by an earthquake with lake water dark green all the year round. Due to completed preservation and stunning view, the Xiaonanhai earthquake relic was named “the unique in China and the rarity in the world”.

Ticket: 50% off from now to Jan. 31st, 2018 (Original admission price: 68 RMB per person)

Self-driving route: G65 Baotou – Maonming Expressway -- Qianjiangxi Interchange – drive in the direction of G319 -- Yingbin Avenue -- West Section of Xinhua Avenue – leave the ring roundabout at the third exit – Chengxi 7th Road – Xingshu Street – Xiaonanhai


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