“Chinese Connotation - China International Exhibition of Oil Painting Art”
Chongqing Station

23th March 2018


When you see the high-quality works exhibited — including Luo Zhongli's "Dandelion", Pang Maokun's "sixth series of Huaji Weiliao", Jin Shangyi's "Late Year of Huang Binhong", and Zhan Jianjun's "Snowy Plateau" — you may realize that this is a high-profile exhibition.”



Last weekend, "Chinese Connotation - China International Exhibition of Oil Painting Art (Chongqing Station)" opened at the art gallery of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute (University Town campus). With the theme of "Chinese Connotation", 150 works were shown in three categories: "The Meaning of Life," "Humanistic Thinking," and "Boundary of Soul". Together, these represent the highest artistic achievements achieved by contemporary Chinese oil painting.

上週末,“中華意蘊——中國油畫藝術國際巡展國內彙報展”(重慶站)在四川美術學院(大學城校區)美術館開幕。 本次展覽以“中國意蘊”為主題,共展出作品150件,分為三個主題板塊:“生活之意”,“人文之思”和“心靈之境”,展示了當代中國油畫取得的最高藝術成就。


The "Chinese Connotation - China International Exhibition of Oil Painting Art (Chongqing Station)" was sponsored by the Oil Painting Academy of the China National Academy of Painting and the art gallery of the Sichuan Fine Arts Institute. The exhibition features the paintings of the Oil Painting Academy of the Chinese National Academy as the main body. Works from more than 60 painters from the Chinese oil painting industry are featured, including Luo Zhongli, Pang Maokun, Jin Shangyi, Yang Songlin, Zhang Zuying, and Zhan Jianjun.



In 2016, when the exhibition first visited France, it played a significant positive role in the French art world and was warmly welcomed by the French audience. Around August of this year, the exhibition will begin its journey to Rome, Italy. In terms of domestic exhibition, the exhibition has been approved as a project funded by the National Arts Fund this year. It will be shown in several important cities such as Hangzhou, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chongqing, Xi’an, Xiamen and Handan in the first half of 2018.


The exhibition will be open to the public free of charge until April, 1st.



Luo Zhongli's canvas oil painting "Dandelion", 200x185cm, 2008-2015.

羅中立 《蒲公英》


Jin Shangyi's canvas oil painting “Late Years of Huang Binhong”, 115x99cm, 1996.



Pang Maokun's canvas oil painting "Six series of Unfinished Youth", 100cm×80cm, 2012.


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