Chongqing Airport Scores High

for Punctuality

13th March 2018


Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport reported that 85.69 percent of its flights left on time during 2017, nine percent higher than the industry average. The score puts the airport in first place among 27 airports in the southwestern region which have more than one percent of total passenger throughput among Chinese airports.

據重慶江北國際機場報導,2017年有85.69%的航班準時到達,比行業平均水準高出9個百分點。 該評分使機場位居西南地區27個機場之首,占中國機場總旅客吞吐量的百分之一以上。

According to a manager at the airport, Chongqing airport has striven to optimize its services to ensure the smooth operation of flights. With the opening of the T3A terminal, the facilities at the airport have been greatly improved. The newly built 530,000-square-meter terminal and 800,000-square-meter tarmac apron are now fully operational.

據機場經理介紹,重慶機場努力優化服務,確保航班順利運行。 隨著T3A航站樓的開通,機場設施得到了很大改善。 新建的53萬平方米的碼頭和80萬平方米的停機坪停機坪現已全面投入運營。

The airport has strengthened its links with various airlines including Air China, China Southern, and Sichuan Airlines –– all have set up bases at the airport. Meanwhile the airport has worked hard to modernize its services, such as installing a 400MHz wireless intercom system for security checks.

機場加強了與包括國航,南航,川航在內的多家航空公司的聯繫 - 都在機場設立了基地。與此同時,機場努力實現現代化服務,安裝了400MHz無線對講系統以便於安全檢查。


"The rapid development of an airport needs the support of a wireless communication system. Managing a large modern airport requires intelligent means," said a manager at the airport. The airport will continue to improve its services and management in the future, providing even more convenience to passengers, added the manager.


According to statistics, the passenger throughput at Chongqing airport during 2017 reached 38.72 million people, ranking ninth nationwide, with the number of foreign passengers hitting 2.69 million people, an increase of 5.2 percent over the same period in 2016. Cargo throughput reached 113,000 tons, an increase of 12.1 percent over the same period in 2016.

據統計,2017年重慶機場旅客吞吐量達3872萬人次,居全國第9位,外籍乘客人數達到269萬人次,比2016年同期增長5.2%。貨物吞吐量達到11.3萬噸, 比2016年同期增長12.1%。

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