Chongqing & World Carnival

Denmark Theme Week !

19th December 2017



“2017 Chongqing & World Carnival”
Has attracted lots of attention
From Chinese and foreign tourists
Since the very beginning
After waving hands to Australia theme week
This week Shine Kong Place will greet
The Denmark theme week

Chongqing & World Carnival-Denmark Theme Week-1Copenhagen Nyhavn

Chongqing & World Carnival-Denmark Theme Week-2The Little Mermaid (Statue)


At 3 pm on Saturday, the first Dansk-Kinesisk Venskabsforening in China will be announced open at the carnival. As a window for citizens to know about Denmark's, the office will become an important link for the exchange and cooperation in science and technology between China and Denmark.

Chongqing & World Carnival-Denmark Theme Week-3


At the celebration ceremony, there will be artist inscribeding and drawing on site, and showcaseing the art of rapid sculpture. Apart from all these, public are available to learn about forest education from Hans Christian Andersen’s homeland, as well as the a series of organic products from Northern Europe.


It is understood that the Dansk-Kinesisk Venskabsforening was founded in 2016 as an independent and non-partisan non-profit organization. It’s registered by the Danish government with the aim of establishing a good Dansk-Kinesisk exchange platform, promoting cultural exchanges between Denmark and China, as well as the bilateral cultural education and extensive cooperation in the high-tech fields.

Chongqing & World Carnival-Denmark Theme Week-4Anderson’s Fairy Tales

Chongqing & World Carnival-Denmark Theme Week-5Dazu Carvings


By then, the famous calligrapher Wang Suoping, Guan Yuan will donate on-site inscriptions to the Royal Danish Forest kindergartens and the Royal Nordic trade(?). Mr. Xu Rong, a famous calligrapher, is planning to donate a painting to the Dansk-Kinesisk Venskabsforening Chongqing Office as a gift.


In addition, Xu Rong and Wang Suping will also work together to finish the 110 meters long masterpiece "The Picture of a Thousand Miles of Wujiang" on scene. It is reported that the "The Picture of a Thousand Miles of Wujiang" originated from the drawings and sketches drawn by the two artists in the spots along the Wujiang River in Pengshui, Wanzu, Shipan and Lujiao in October this year. The works show the beauty of the Wujiang River in a freehand spirit. At the Carnival, the two will be painting on site, working together for the ending.

Chongqing & World Carnival-Denmark Theme Week-6


What’s more, Mr. Cao Xiong, the world's fastest sculptor from Yunnan, will present a quick sculpture technique on site. His original rapid sculpture technique can create a statue within 15 minutes. As a representative of China's sculpture culture, Cao Xiong will present the Nordic show next year, bringing the art works to Denmark.

Chongqing & World Carnival-Denmark Theme Week-7

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