"Chongqing & World Carnival"

Australia Week

11th December 2017



The "Chongqing & World Carnival"
has entered its third week.
In celebration of the 45th anniversary
of the diplomatic relationship establishment
between China and Australia,
the carnival enters into the
"Australian Week".

Chongqing & World Carnival-1


From December 3st to December 8th,
in the Shin Kong Place, Jiazhou,
citizens and tourists are able to buy
food, wine and handicrafts from Australia,
as well as taste the delicious BBQ Australian beef,
and enjoy the wonderful performance from
Chinese-Australian musicians.

Chongqing & World Carnival-2


In addition to displaying
Australian culture, the non-heritage cultural exhibition held
in Chongqing over the same period also catch visitors’ eyes. At the scene,
folk art - sculptures of wheat straw and paper-cuts
from Fengdu made its opening, showing the unique artistic charm of Chinese
folk art and attracting many Chinese and foreign
tourists to experience.

Chongqing & World Carnival-3


"For the past 45 years,
China and Australia have conducted fruitful cooperation
in fields such as investment, trade, education, culture and tourism, among which cultural
exchange plays an important role. ‘Chongqing & World
Carnival’ has built a platform for cultural blend. We hope that Chongqing people could know
more about Australia and also Chongqing citizens
are welcomed to travel more to Australia. "Lin Minghao,
Consul General of Australian Consulate General in Chengdu, said.

Chongqing & World Carnival-4


It is reported that
"Chongqing & World Carnival" has passed through more
than half of activities at present , followed by two themed weekend events, including
the old brand food exhibition, Yubei non-heritage exhibition,
Danish Week, and mix music festival.

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