Chongqing IFS Launches Original Public Installation Artwork "LOVE.FOUND.", Together With Asian Superstar Show Lo

17th August 2018



Wharf’s Art DNA: Insistence on Originality, Demonstrating the Beauty of Chongqing to the World.


Chongqing IFS invited renowned Italian artist and architect Simone Carena, and ethnic Chinese artist Yihong Hsu to create the “LOVE.FOUND.”, which took more than 300 days to create, from concept to completion. The work is also Simone Carena’s first in China. Simone Carena founded an art and design studio, MOTOElastico Studio, in Seoul, South Korea in 2001, and has been awarded the Knighthood of the Order of the Italian Star by the President of Italy in 2017 for his contribution to international culture exchange. This work by Simone Carena and Yihong Hsu not only reflects cultural exchange of Chinese and Western heritage, but also articulates the determination of Chongqing IFS to promote cultural and artistic dialogue between the city and the world.

This installation artwork reflects the perfectly-integrated creative exchange between the two artists on the deeper meaning of culture and space. They chose the camellia - the city flower of Chongqing; and a giant panda – the symbol of cultural exchange between China and the world – as its main creative elements. The artwork shares the beauty of Chongqing to the world, demonstrating the beauty and vitality of Chongqing, the youngest municipality in China in the process.


Simone Carena said: “The beautiful scenery of Chongqing is impressive, and it’s very meaningful for me to debut my first artwork in China in such a beautiful place. This work not only blends artistic aesthetic but also integrates commercial design concepts. It combines Yihong Hsu’s and my understanding of art and Chinese culture, as well as our feeling about the city."


“LOVE.FOUND.” is composed of a 6.5-meter-tall, 16-ton camellia tree made of steel trunks and 100 red camellia flowers, joined by a 12-meter-long panda weights nearly 7 tons, with a body made of stainless steel. The work is situated on the northeast side of the outdoor piazza of Chongqing IFS. The surface of the panda has been finished in chrome to mirror the contours of the surrounding space and the changes of the outside world, allowing the surrounding urban environment to be integrated dynamically into the work. The artwork lies in a comfortable setting on the roof of the shopping mall, creating a sense of joy and happiness.

Chongqing IFS Original Public Installation Artwork “LOVE.FOUND.”

Show Lo Attends the Ceremony, Has a “Date” with the Public Under the Camellia Tree

Against the backdrop of the pure voices of a children's choir, Chongqing IFS “Live for Love!” officially kicked off. Asian superstar Show Lo, and popular celebrity Black Butterfly, attended the ceremony and launched the installation artwork.


About Chongqing IFS

Officially opened on September 15, 2017, Chongqing International Finance Square (Chongqing IFS) is located at Jiangbeizui CBD, the financial center of Chongqing Liangjiang New Area, which is the largest integrated development project in the area. The 114,000-square-meter high-end shopping mall includes three floors with more than 170 brands. This unique shopping complex is now the city’s new center stage of luxury shopping, dining, entertainment and lifestyle destination, bringing Chongqing an unparalleled shopping experience all under one roof.

About the Wharf (Holdings) Limited


Founded in 1886, the Wharf (Holdings) Limited (Wharf) is a listed subsidiary of Wheelock and Company Limited (Wheelock). Wharf is strategically focused on real estate development, and is engaged in land acquisition, financing, project development, design, construction and marketing. The company prides itself on being a leader in mall management, and Harbour City and Times Square, two of Wharf’s Hong Kong properties, are the company’s key real estate projects. Backed by a long-standing mission of "Building for Tomorrow", the company is continuing to expand its business, and is currently in more than ten cities in mainland China. Following the Shanghai Wheelock International Square, Times Squares in Chongqing, Dalian, Shanghai and Wuhan, the company is planning to build five International Financial Squares (IFS), taking Harbour City as a reference. The Chengdu IFS, Wuxi IFS, Chongqing IFS and Changsha IFS have been opened one after another, and the Suzhou IFS is soon to be completed.

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